You stare at me intimately. .

I’m questioning the exclamation mark in your eyes.

There’s a part of this I wonder mostly about when your asleep.

Even our words have to make sense, put together.. assembled in similes, metaphors, aliterations, cradled in adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

Do you know what I mean? Seriously do you?

You say all these things and it happens to have sense on it’s own, it has created it’s own design and therefore it communicates – a mysterys time out of time – ascending in all eyes.

Your so quiet sometimes. I question and mark the silence. . .

It doesn’t come with miseries but with an assurance.

What is assurance if miseries doesn’t come?

What are expressions if we continually flow in them as birds. .

You smile at me sometimes, you talk to me.

You like entering into my flow – I rest in you.

There’s quite alot I found interesting about you, but somehow as soon as the sparkles show. . . you hide away, you shelter into the shell.

Are you caressing me for my own good, to be silent.

Are you my intimate show, an entertainment of my own.

Bewildered and entertwined in you. . you are a part that anciently speaks

but it’s words are undefined – understood by the inner eyes – the crystals embedded inside.

Deeply touching, softness and a signature rhythym to you.

You are unexplainable, your words retainable but still – though you are hidden in plain sight. . .you fly away, again and again. . Yet I still see you returning.

Impressions of a universe.

Dimensions created on earth.

Realms we attend, to climb the cern. . our own cern.

You are adored by the birth you bring, Oh how you are driven..

..driven to create more.. to use the reproductive cause as your shrine.

You have asked to use mine, I’ll be more than honoured to share your celestial intimacy to be the enchantment in your seduction of combined lovers inside of your illuminous womb.

A dancing of your shield, An annointing of your seal.


Everything is Everything

Maybe the door of friendship is what you opened. .with the hope that someone could understand. I was there in my own mis-interpretations, with the high felt inner passions of love. . the unknown chemistry.
A bundle of people, a bundle of us.
Mixed potions .. a mixed touch. 
   You were my heart for the time I could remember and still you are, but as moments go by this heart can melt and what will be left but our stares at the sky?
   Infinite is what I know, loyalty of the soul but self expressions in the mind can turn one of us cold.
   In-fact, I’m hallucinated by you at times and other times I’m okay..  its the rainy storm feel, the silent calm as I pray.
   To comprehend Love is to call on Life and to be ignited inside is to relive the prize. . the whole. . . the opened way that seemed a blur but it truly was sight for you and her.
    I’m looking at the mastery, the art and the paint.. the princess and her prince.. the lover and beloved..the knowing of the supreme in the pilgrims hug. . that is what it all is.. with or without.. present or away.
   Should I say I’m understanding that not begging to hold on is okay?
   I know I said I can’t let go, I know I said it’s deep but maybe all of this is to reveal our true and humble needs.. the one’s that don’t make us weak.
   Who knows .. what we could be ?

I always believed in you, thats why I had to search.. my spirit never letting you go, but in this depth of element there is a sacred mould.. gold, which unfolds into a home with children playing by the porch and cries with cradles seen just by our eyes.
    If you do not comprehend such intimacy of One ..a thousand will come and our minds will be drowned out by the deadly gun.

   Do you know what it really is?
    Do I?

Or were we just fake hiding this whole time?

Wait.. I’ve seen you before, it already happened.. you held me in you arms.. I was suffocating by the beat of your heart.

   You see.. it was always to make me weak.. but I revived, maybe your the heavens and earth .. the inner world – undefined.

      I guess with you .. and with me.. with us

                   Everything is Everything.

Safe to He

She sat in the coffee shop smiling at the passers by as she watched life being seen by all. Her inner essence sat stilled wondering on the Love past.
Her soul was stilled and the passion jolted in her body as she was startled by a presence behind her. She slowly turned around, there stood a young man.. his skin complexion lighter than her brown cocoa skin, his hair had defined curls and his cheeks hugged into his facial bone structure.

“Hi” he said, looking straight into her.

“Hi” she replied, confused..nervous and taken aback by his presence alone.

    He seemed to know her presence more than she knew his. He stood there staring into her, the cafe was near enough empty and an elderly couple facing the outter windows sat speaking to eachother lovingly.

“Can I sit next to you” he asked calmly.
She nodded.

He sat down in the chair not taking his eyes off her, and she was beginning to feel a heavy knot in her core.

‘Who the heck was this guy’ she thought,  his stare digging into her womb.

 He seemed mysterious but very much as herself – pulled away but still there.
I guess it takes one to know one.

“I saw you from across the road, your elegance spoke to me – who are you” he said.

She smiled.. and looked outside the window,

“I’m She, and thankyou for your compliment”

He turned to look out the window,

“Life is a mystery isn’t it, our twists and turns. The insights and questions the whole gathering of what we are. . the hidden things it seems so secretive so scary doesn’t it”

  She turned to look at him.

‘Man this guy is definately heavy’ she thought assessing his lips and his neck. .

For one second she wanted to wrap her hands around his neck but not squeeze it.. to just hold it. She widened her eyes quickly before she would get carried away in imagination.

“What makes you see so intimately in Life” she asked looking back out the window.

This time he turned and smiled at her, his mouth gasped a little.. loud enough for her to hear him taking a breath. . she continued to stare at the window.

“People like you. . the rareness and hope to meet people like you. When you just know intimately theres a deep secret connection they feel and want to share. . hidden in there own shadow with another. I have desired what could tear me into me, what could look into me deeply and then unmould it and mould it again with me and in me. That intimacy that can make me cry and make me weak but make me strong for us both but for the truth. Its something you want to share but cannot be done if you do not stop and look”.

She had tears in her eyes as she continued to stare out the window.. refusing to look into him.. her heart pulled at the grace in his words. He noticed her strong presence heat and his heart was pulled into her, as he felt his own beat.

They sat in silence.

He looked out the window too.

“Whats your name” she asked.

He put his head down,

“I’m He, the one you know ..the one you thought of secretly in you. The one you pondered on but pushed away because of fear of getting to close. I’m he.. the one who knows you in ways you never imagined because I discovered you as you discovered me. I felt you just as you felt me. I’m he, the one who doesn’t let go easily the one who recognizes myself in another just like me.  I’m he the one who understands her.. just her because she is me, and I know she exists. . I believe she does but it scares me, because I know what it could do to me. I’m He, the one I know know. . the one you truly understand even without words. The one who could make me feel things deeply that no one else could, the one who could break me in the lowest parts of myself and I’ll still hold on, because its not you.. it’s me. I’m he.. i’m you, and you already know that truth.”

   She moved her hand to touch his knee, the feeling of her hands sent electric shockwaves throughout his body he instantly stood up and hugged her. His eyes looking dim and tired as if crying – but I guess he knew his soul had enough faith to recognize himself and to reveal himself from his purest being ..what he thought he couldn’t do. . . but he knew she would understand. . He knew she wouldn’t reject him.

He knew some-how she would grasp the truth even it it seemed crazy, if it made no sense. As long as he could tell her the truth. . He would be safe to himself again.

With Love, For Love

Tears won’t heal my mystery anymore..
I smile alone on the sea shore.
The sand doesn’t say hello to me anymore..
i’m swimming in the snow with the sun as my door.
To be growing into this woman would only be the suffering of me, to be sharpening my sword would mean taking the steps on the edge of glory.
The daunting prospects of all we are, is the silent parts of our beings. . where your inner child silently whimpers at the after effects of a tragic event. . it feels like I’m on lent.

The mountains survey our beings, the grace of Yah washes my soul.

I put my faith in God alone that he will firm my whole. I push forward with gratitude, knowing that Love will empower me.
I push forward knowing Love has granted me, all that spiritually belongs to me. .

   That the riches of character will build from within me.

   I dance inside, my heart is glaring.

   I dance inside, my eyes are staring.

   I dance inside, forever caring.

With Love,

For Love.

The Door

Hot spices and wild berries.
Chocolate ice and vanilla cream.
Fruity fleur and almond milk.
Sweet mangoes and condensed silk.

   Fleeting moments of desire and touches of the supreme.
It is an electric vault, a silence in a tree.
Bound by vows or flying in the breeze are these mysterious wild animals a certified tease ?
The school of art, pictures of a scene where man is a vaga bond.. and woman a disease.
Marked by the pleasure of entering your home and to insightfully see, that your whole is an embodiment of seeds.
If the potatoe chips are crunchy and icepop fizzles a high.. why should I sit my naked soul staring into the sky?
If the lure of your heart is the fall of my trance, then i’m just your emotion waiting to be enhanced.
You have stopped my deluded self but yet silenced my feet, I’m forced to stop looking in the brustle of the bleed.
Innocence seeming to be an indigenous nature, derived from the invisible. . . the nodding of the head a melt into the permissable.
Some rooms are dark and others bright but theres a room which stands unseen but holds a twinkle insight.
Gravitating on the sidewalk, illuminating in the sea. . . a roll on the natures bliss with a pause of the God in glee . . .
the angels prepare a table of contents and fullness of delight. . I silently stare awake in the beloved rhyme.
The wheels on the bus travel on the road, round and round they go – you don’t understand the meek surrender of a sailing salve. To look into you again, is a stain of my knees… I hurt myself in disgust, you truly made me weak.

     You are the forbidden one, the cause of despair.. as you linger in pride your salt is not fair. You flavour it all seemingly good and seemingly bad, but you oh son. . you don’t recognize your the defined chad. . a douche, a vulgar disgust to my stomach a sickening feel to my intestines. . I know your secrets you can smile but I have silently seen.

Diligently speaking you was a spy, a sparkle of passion through the eyes.. you was a potent mercury and I a divine crime, universal chairs was the unrefined signs.

  Oh ancient.. ancient.. the blood in our veins. . oh holy oh holy I cry to be and not profane – the sacred temple hallucinated by your lust you are the congress ..I the gust.

   The archbishop of souls you claim to be. . but you oh sickening man hide in the priest.

   Are you not the truth? Are you not the bold.. what happened to your loving soul.

It is your unidentified play that caused my deray, you were the sinner that hallucinated my smiling gaze. . . yes your mist assuredly knew this crush was a good game. . one with a hush that you thought could crucify my in sane. The mystery is that you wanted to be the one whom appeared innocent but you fell just as much as I – you misled my heart and you became a lie!

   I remember you, very very well. . . it was like my soul was near a dualed spell, if I got close i’d only explode or maybe see your stupidity and your hidden, and dark persona unfold.
Should I say I’m perfect or should I be a slave to my hearts speed? I entered a world of sin and mistakes came in this portal of hungry gins wanting to feed.

  It is all a drama released, a religion of your deeds. . a seagull in sea in air. . but the balance returns to the lovers glare.

You think you know but really have no idea that the soil is the governor, a seat for all seers.

Now is it . . you. . me or us ?

Either way your the door to my love.

Beauty hurts

To be beautiful is not a crime, to love is a blessing.

I guess some may be fearful of one who is pure in all their hopes.

Can you destroy a heart that desires more from the inner world? Is it really obvious.

Love seems to be a crime in a society that has no true value apart, from what they suggest is their reality..  the whole outlook of being a part of something which to a person means they are involved with a situation, even if it doesn’t necesserily edify their inner being.

I believe in Love. I will always believe in Love because it saved me.

People may laugh and mock me, others may look down at me.. some purposefully act in ways to avoid my being. . but love is the greatest source of life.

Today I went shopping with my Ma, it seemed like a stretch. . . I was tired.. tired of alot of things but somehow still had strength that I praised.. I sang on the road with fullness of joy.

I had to give thanks to Jesus. I had to lift him up because I love him and I love .. Love.

People don’t know Love, some have pushed it away purposefully but I hope people find it.. it’s true meaning. I hope people really believe in what I believe in..not just me but others.. because it is a beautiful thing.

It is so beautiful from within and I believe that even though we lovers are outcasts to a society we somehow play a part in something greater behind what people see.

I’m a lover, not a hater.
I don’t want to follow the crowd.
I want to be free.

Sometimes I am discouraged by my own feelings by my own depth but I’ve had to learn  to keep fighting no matter what happens.

If I haven’t done you wrong, why should I fear you.

I’m a lover. . I choose to love even if that means I’m quiet and walking alone.

I’m a lover and I choose to look into your eyes and smile even if you laugh at me.

I’m a lover and always will be.


Love x

It is True

They say sweetness is of the word.
My words may have taste, you choose to swallow it, whether the seasons and flavours are the …pauses and the breaths you take inbetween.. it’s on you to decide.
My love for him is residing somewhere in which it cannot hide. I guess the fear somehow kept reminding me of the worst it could have been.
I don’t know what you expect of a waterfall that runs inbetween the skies and the green grass. The waterfall that brushes against your skin and runs into your blood.. why do you remind me of me.. why must I stop and feel to squeel at the thought of you.
I pant, and am breathless and other times I look away from the space I find myself sharing with God.. at the thought of you I am pushing away but pulling within too.
I slowly resuscitate my heart when I lose it in thought of you, a quick glance in my memory and i’m trying to fast forward.
To get away is impossible, I just want to stay silent but it’s not what I can do. . This was not a fantasy, my interpretation of my hearts soul was the judgement seat of a luminous surrender.
I look at myself and still see her.. me.. but I’m reminded of he too. He was the solitary soul of his world, abiding in a power that was the presence of strength to everyone else.
He was my strength. He was the one in which word flow was forced to embed a mystery that word itself began before all in all was within it.
His heart was my hope, due to his souls reflections taking its time to survey me..  I wish I could survey he.
To stare into his eyes for a while would hallucinate me or may chase me away. I can’t be seduced by you, it would only destroy what I see is true. Was I meant to forget you?

If I was, I’ve tried.

   I’ve given all that I can, what more can I give.
The deepest parts of ourselves come from understanding.. its a part of us we all find difficult to express, the part where realization meets an opening of an awareness in a intimate place.

   Would you truly understand the ins and outs of a spiritual depth of a person? Would you see it for its true nature. The recesses of its tent abiding in an unseen force yet present.
    Uniquely our own existence, our presence.. our insight, our body.. our everything in everything.

I don’t want to rush to give it to you, the secret home but I desire to know you.. the intimate knowing, the knowing which allows you to see a part of you that goes un-noticed.. the part you try your hardest to pay attention to. . would you really understand?

     I want to cover my face in embarrassment, maybe it’s too much. It’s too much to care.. about someones hidden place to want to touch it and feel it without truly touching it physically.

***     I’m looking at you now in my mind, and I wanna tell you . . I care about you on levels you don’t understand, but believe me. . just believe me.

It is true.

Hold on to us.

We are dancing not in shadows but in the light. At last, it is not a mere dream but a reality we have always existed in. Can I float with you, Can I learn with you, Can I fly with you?
My disappearance was not to hurt you, it was to help me and help you. It was to show you that I am everything you have known and had forgotten. Everything you may have not realized was already with you and in you.
You may have not understood the story fully but you will and you will see the bigger picture of who we really are.
Many may not have wanted us to reunite but it was bound to happen.
I was meant to be with you, whether they agreed or disagreed.. I knew this from the moment I met you but you never knew me. . I knew you as a passer by.
Not no ordinary passer by, but one I had met before.. many times.
We don’t all pay attention but when we do it is for a reason. Years go by but once we understand time is just another way of communication in this earthly plane we realize eternally we can always connect.
I believed myself to be a fool to believe in it, but that power of God in me wouldnt let go of the existence of God in you. Far away but so close. . just a floating mist.. an angel in disguise.. something rare.
What we learn as we grow is that we cannot let go of things that allow us to see ourselves.. it is something we all know. If someone has the ability to shake our world that person is our world, that person is our life and that person is just as much us as we are them.
It takes faith to understand such depth, it takes hope to recognize that grace and it takes undergoing pain and to be alone within it. Its a remarkable truth and achievement of knowing what we all know is greater than us.
I never knew such belief could exist, or such a person could be.. among a world full of fit ins and made up people. The outcasts seem to know more, they seem to not fit at all.. they seem to be different…but some have random and very odd stories.. but it shows mankind we all are a part of something that is giving us chances to see beyond our dwelling in sin.
You have deepened others, you have made others question themselves, you have made others see there darkness by seeing yours.
You have dived right in and still held onto the one thing no one can take away from you.
Your secret place, the teacher.. the supporter.. the encourager.. the one in whom builds you and strengthens you.
Your silence speaks, your stares are cutting into the soul.. you are something that to others appears odd but to me.. and to those who can see.. we know it is not odd.. it is not what we can explain.
It is a blessing to understand such a depth of a person in ways that would scare so many people but instead of being scared.. it drew me into you. What I found was a treasure.
Money cannot buy it, neither can material things and nothing worldly has a part in its ways but its full true nature only found in the dance can be experienced with such ease.
We all look through.. we all choose to see and not see but some are prideful and others are ashamed to speak and say something but it all is admiration of something deep that we all yearn for in ourselves.

     Hold on to us, Hold on to our togetherness.
Holy and true is Divine Love.

I am you and you are me.


Words are somehow my vehicle, I have hid in their trance for a long time.
I have not been seen beyond them for in each letter is my own formation to what is.
As I form it now ..the letters seem to be at a awkward communication with my own thinking. I’m absorbed by the understanding that we all have hidden secrets.
The world has created an unseen strategy to enable our insanities to embody a vision or even too lose sight of our will.
Inside I’m a bubble.. a bubble that has been popped into it’s ownself.
I’m somehow drifting in the motion, word is my best friend.. to listen.. to read.. to write and at times to sing. . . Words flow forever .. it will always remain. . so choose them wisely.. to edify. I feel now that silence is slowly becoming my friend. . I somehow want it to be, it is the realization of so much in God.. within me.
Silence may be a bore but I have words here.. I do. I just somehow have lost contact with the person who once existed and now I’m circling my her.. she.. well ..all of this mumble jumble.

Call me Word.

I Love You

I love you.
I love you not for anything you have done.
I love you.
I cannot run anymore. .
My legs have given up finding other routes,
I can only embed my routes in you.
The moutains are high above the sea, the birds swift in the wind as they dance to the shape of the sky.. so is my being in thought of you. I quietly sit dancing to my thought of you, I am driven by this soft room in me.
This room is yours and yours alone.
I love you.  God granted me the greatest gift,
the berry to my universe, the chocolate to my hot inner passion. I love you.
What is a young woman doing in your arms limp and vulnerable, staring into you with life in her eyes.. as she gives her all to you. Who is she that you hold her with your volumcious muscles as you rock her with your soothened heart.
I love you.

God gave me a warrior, a soldier, a spirit like no other.. must I worship the ground you walk on my King.. my Lord.. is not The Almighty, The Most High himself the power at work in you.

Oh.. Heavenly Father.. I am honoured to recieve He.. I am honoured..

I love you. . . your stares into me.. hush my words I am silenced.. I skip away .. I run but you are there behind me your arms carefully wrapping around my waist.

I am swallowed into you whole. You have bitten my heart, you have been the one to consume me. I said no.. no more pain.. I want to avoid this.. but my heart beated for you.

It wouldn’t stop beating for you. The questions came.. I was moved by your presence.. Oh.. this to.. think of creates in me a silent wine. . . May it be that this love is so strong for you that it itself cannot bare the thoughts of you.

I love you.

No man is like you. You are the grand pavilion, the truth where I can dwell. God is your everlasting image invisible in you.

I love you.

As I turn around to stare into you, I know that maybe uncertainties can create waves of discord but I want to stay true. I want to love until maybe love itself is so intoxicated by itself that you and I maybe realize our design could just be… could just be. . . would you ever be.. true.. would you ever .. really see me as you.

Oh Lover.. never mind me.

I love you & God lives in this seed.