A Soldier

I’m caught away with something, whatever that something is.

I’ve felt all I could. . . is feeling ever enough.

The mind doesn’t want to battle anymore.

I’m holding strong, I don’t want to be weak. . . I don’t want to fall. I’m staring out of no where but what this place I imagined to be is not exactly a fantasy land. It was never a fantasy, not to me.. but now I’ve been gone with the wind – taken away from everything I knew.. and left not splattered but courageously standing.. I remember. .

Who knew that eyes could make me lose my focus,

a moments heart beat could day-dream my whole sanity. .

A deep stare in slow motion could tickle my inner stomach…

A small talk could excite my being once again.

It’s a hold, no letting go.

A heavy breath, one breath, one pant.. ai..

I won’t run then would I – would be so entangled inside the inside with this natural mystic. . maybe it’s the both of us.

It was never a war, it was reality. Every part of it, every pain, every inner scream of passion, every tear, every word spoken as I walked up and down my bedroom panting. Spiritual cries.. a soul yearning.. I shouted at myself, talked myself out of it all.. Oh the things I did for this feeling.

Everytime I came out the bath and stared at me, naked.. I said nothing. .Just stared. . . no feeling but the space of this invisible person.. this man I never knew.. as the water dried I would silently smile inside. Hugging myself saying it will all be over..

He just don’t know how strong it is..

How weak it can be..

How it can let go. . .

How it can play freely and still not let go of the hold.

Just for he. .

A soldier.

I whisper to myself once again..

“Please young Lady, don’t run. . don’t run. . Be Free”




Our Love is


Our hearts reflect the deepest parts hidden, immeasurable.

Only we have seen, only both our souls level-stand.

It’s passing by, it’s moving on. . . it’s all being erased.

Yet still neither time nor space makes us inseperable.



His hands pulled her in close, and he muttered words sincere into her ears. His breath circulating down her neck, swimming into the pools of her spine, melting into the pores of her delicate skin.

His hands held her hand gently, knowing the touch of her love could destroy his sanctuary –  he couldn’t hold her any longer. . She was weakening his heart the more she blocked his arms from touching her, the more she looked away the weaker he became. She showed no affection towards him, her eyes blankly looked into his, as his own spoke words that he did not understand. She tried to pull away from his gripped hands, but he wouldn’t let go.

He wrapped his arms around her, but her body was lifeless in his.. he kissed her neck and his own heart beated, but he never felt hers. . he always felt hers but why didn’t it no longer beat for him?

He looked at her, “Baby” he said ..

She looked away. He kissed her lips, and how sweet they felt, her small heart shaped lips hugged his but without hope. . they stood perplex in between his own. His soul vibrated strongly in his body, his heart realizing this was ending.. she was letting go, she was killing their connection. . she was destroying what she had come to know in the expense of her own freedom. ‘Did she love me this much, to grow this cold’ he wondered.

Deep down she wanted one last hold, one last warmth of his tender touch, his smile on her cheeks and his hands tickling her neck – her arms wrapped around his tummy. She wanted to jump at him and for him to catch her, to lay with her and stare into space. To laugh the whole night and share a sweet kiss. To share a dance in the living room, to ponder into eachother eyes and grin. To be silent with no words and listen to the atomsphere. She didn’t want anything fancy. . all she ever wanted was just him. . . his naked soul. That was too much to ask for because it wasn’t the simple story she expected. She was always scared, and so was he.

This feeling of fighting for something she never understood pushed her away from his hold even though it was the last thing she desired before walking away.

He knew.

He knew and felt it slip away.

He knew it would someday just disappear, it was too good to be true, it was just too good to be true.

He played with her fingers and walked more closely into her, until there faces were touching, he twirled her around – sat down on the sofa and pulled her onto his lap. She tried to budge, but he held her little waist.

“I know you love me, I know you love me” he whispered.

She continued on the urge to push away but he touched her tummy and she stopped budging. He closed his eyes and held her tummy, her heart began to beat with his but she quickly stood and ran towards the living room door. He managed to get to the door before her, and stood there staring into her. . He was softened by their wars of love that he had to keeping fighting.

She forced her way to the door handle, but he put his hands on the door. Tears rolling down her eyes, she said nothing.

His heart couldn’t bear to see her cry, but he had too.

His soul yearned to hold her, to cradle her and give her every part of his but she wouldn’t let him. She was pulling away. She was creating an empty space between them and he understood this was it – it was coming to an end. She was estranged. She was running away for good, and she was never going to come back again.

He didn’t want to let her go, he knew it would only destroy the part he had left to give. He needed to give it, but it felt too late.

“I love you” he said, “I love you more than words, and I don’t want to say this, but I have too.. your always in my heart and always on my mind. I may have done things to hurt you but I’ve done my best to make things right in me. I know you enough to know you love me beyond words too”. He looked down. She knew this was true.

“I love you enough, but enough has an end”

He stood there saddened, he didn’t want to plead and look like a fool, he had to just show her that she loved him.. he had to make her understand how much she really did care. His eyes were bloodshot and he shouted, he shouted aloud and ran towards the sitting room. He took the vase and smashed it, he begun to rip the curtains tearing them completely. He walked into the kitchen and took the neatly placed plates and smashed them one by one. She ran by the kitchen door and watched him yelling, fury in his face, trickles of tears ran down her eyes, she began to gasp – taking deep breaths. Her heart tugged her to walk towards him and her mind told her run, leave him. She listened to her heart and she ran towards him.

“Stop, pleaseeee…stop” Her eyes met his and her hands touched the next plate he was soon to smash. He looked back at her his fury beginning to calm down – she took the plate from his hands and they both sat down on the kitchen floor and she hugged him. They both cried, their spirits merging.. he held her so tightly, he kissed her cheeks.. he pulled her face to him and they intimately gazed into eachother, the atomsphere in their breath alone. He couldn’t breath, she was lost for air, he closed his eyes and pulled in close to kiss and in that moment..



She disappeared. She was gone. He opened his eyes feeling an emptiness come over him. He looked around.

“Babyyyyy” he shouted, he stood up the kitchen wasn’t a mess the plates were neatly stacked onto shelves, he went into the living room – the curtains were perfectly hanging loose – the vase was on the pure white marble table.

He held his head. Her spirit was estranged. She was gone – and there was no coming back. In whatever way he called, he knew she had moved on, she was just his imagination.. an old love lost.

She walked away, and left him with the memory of her Spirit.








What does it mean?

Seemingly being all that you were and are already.

Distinction of the finest efforts applyed by domestic care, you are the outcome.

Sobriety in a dis-illusioned setting, mystic at it’s core but the enemy somehow lurks to falsify the effect. A saviour much, as so it may appear to be, don’t be fooled. Sinners we are, turnt to heros in the darkest hours.

An answer for much, a sight of some.. a word spoken an explanation heard, ways to help… words of hope, cry on me. The time to solve an issue beyond you. Tired, but continually resulting to one.

Who can you run too, in order to understand – I guess we face our trials in the mist of others and yes – this is healing as well as putting our part in the past. Shimmering away to the comfort of our being. I saw me in them. I saw me in them, it somehow was a play, one I understood – one I saw beckoning in the mist of us. The heart understood, would it come back?

    It did, slowly.. the gesture was always the niceness.. the mother correcting and encouraging. Problems anyone?

Run to her. No problems well, she is no longer remembered.

It is a cycle, viewed as understanding to oneself and offering to life and it’s form. Learn to live through it all, leave behind the things that replay. I see you, you see me. Full stop.

 I’m cosy here, away – mesmerised by the planets decay and yet by it’s cure in the womb. Why fathom that which shall not be understood but continually is within a cycle.

Mono-tone, with a smile of acceptance.

There is no pity is there? A raised eyebrow maybe…

Quite frankly a dismissal of a stare. Look away.

This is no beating heart, or drooling love, or the poise of residing in a make believe society.

Common words are told: Solitude invites many, but you drive them away by one’s own fortitude.

This is noteworthy:

Establish an inner arc preserved for the witness, melancholy may try to war the arc – harshness – the battles of the sinful nudes of the calamity of the world – but the arc is a solid construction. . built not by solid hands but by the Divine melody of life.

 Swiftly riding on… quietly… in the song.



She’s A Cedar-wood

She’s that cedar-wood that you will rarely find. . Oh spicey, icy..

Her eyes be so divine.

Chocolate skin beauty – all her leaves so nutrient and fruity…

Will you touch her tree. . .

it’s – a comfort breeze. . .

The mountains of Lebanon are shaded by her. . .her roots are

digging in the waters – tapping on to earth . . .protector

of lovers, eccentric undercover… A warrior inside of her – as she electrifies the universe.

She’s that Cedar-wood that you will rarely find..

Oh spicey, Icy.. her eyes be so divine..

Majesty is her presence..

Strength is her essence..

Firm.. is her knowing – they wanna copy her – Too bad –

She’s blurred.

They try and cut her down…

God called them all beserk.

They tried to burn her down, then nature heard – The Spirits of Light came and warred – Yes, they govern her core.

Cedars are the purifiers resistent to rot, their beings are the living fire… babies in their cot.

They are called to ignite – cleansing, healing, praying in providence..

The dreams and The visions are all her covenant.

        She’s that Cedarwood – that you will rarely find…

Oh Spicy, Icy – her eyes be so divine.



Not much left to say…

Its a message for us all. Life.

No matter what man has made of it, no matter what the enemy has tried to take from each and every human being thats ever lived.

So much of us, have words left unspoken.. words that no longer needs to be said. Potentially we are all hoping, for the best, to figure what the misson of Life is.

Patiently, waiting. Patiently, observing. Patiently, admiring.

A fleeting life, here today gone tomorrow. Nothing is ever promised but the gift of experiencing this existence again – in the way Life intended for us all definately is.

We are all in the image of the supreme God, each of us holding the sacred key within us, the connection to the light.

I often times’s asked God to take me out of this mess, tried to do the honours of taking myself out too, it never worked..

I wondered to myself so many times, what was the reasoning behind the blinking of my eyes. . .behind the quietness in the Spirit. We all have questions.

Some will be answered and others won’t be.

The sun, moon and stars cannot fathom the mysteries of their ownselves although they know the order they are to come forth – likewise however much I try to get deeper to this life, much is revealed but not fully exposed.  

I have to hold on to my God, my hope is to always be with the Holy Spirit, my best friend.

I miss God alot, although he is here and near. I seem to miss the world where we all were, the place where freedom existed – where we played like children, laughing and joking – running around in joy. I’ve seen glimpses, of this joy.

Two young beautiful angelic beings playing before my eyes.

I couldn’t touch them, they swiftly came into my presence laughing with complete joy, chasing eachother and disappearing into the air. . .

This world will never be enough, no matter how much you have or what little you possess. The overall presence of Life in this world is our greatest gift. . The presence of it’s Creator among us.

Some things I wish to say, somethings cannot be said. . overall there is nothing much left to say. . . nothing much left to say.




The Pursuit of Love

You’ve seen a feather right?

The way it flows and has it’s own rhythm.

You’ve seen a singing bird haven’t you, sitting on the bark of a  sweet cocoa tree relaxing to it’s own melodies.

You have seen two lovers, hold on tight to eachother – that sweet surrender of a comfort gaze in eachother eyes. Do you know what it takes for us. . .they echoe to the world, for us to feel this way, be this way, give this way – to be empty and full of eachother – free and yet joint – one but yet individuals.

Vulnerability. Intention. Mastery.

These are elements of ourselves we use everyday, sometimes we hardly recognize it. I often time’s wonder why the revelation itself to this supreme essence of our beings is unexplainable, words try to tell the tale of an infant growing..learning and branching out.

Words are a fragment of this pursuit.

We linger behind them hoping they come out correct, that they are organized and not muddled. In an exhausting yawn I’d say they are never ending words.

Poetry, conversations, debates, arguements, letters, stories, songs, rap’s, sign language, speeches and any more beautiful ways that we use words to articulate our emotions and express feelings.

Each civilaztion must learn what the pursuit of love is, each generation must undergo the trials of intimate living – the trials of Spirits who long for deeper sense of Life.

A tree is beautifully perched on the soil, to and fro it’s branches and leaves wave to every living being. The waters beside it recieving it’s love as it intimately connects with the particles released in the air. . .this is the flow of their aliveness – their own friendship.

In sync.

You and I, I and You, Us both.

Imagine dissolving with the ocean.. becoming the water itself, to chase the wind as it beats against your wave. To hold the boat as it leans on you for strength, to wash his feet as he stares out at the far end of the sea, mesmerized by the soft touch of the ripples.

Its real right? Us.

We keep beginning and as people we never want to slip away, sometimes we do though. To not be weighed down by the unfortunate realities in the world but to honour the truth in the reality of it taking place.

Souls in a land burderned with unpleasent history.

It lurks in the forests, an ambush of rebels – a howl of an owl – informing all living creatures of an intruder, yes..

The earth cries blood of innocent men, the suffering of helpless women, screams of children playing, wails of a hungry baby.

The world.

It unexpectantly forces you to be silent, pulls you in and pushes you out.

Do we grow too quick.

Do we seek much.

Are we learners of a superior world out of this solar system – I’d answer that question as yes.

Its the forbidden fruit that led us to question all that we ever were, who in which we were to serve. It was the forbidden fruit that carved a deep longing inside us, to desire depth of a life questionable and unquestionable. It was with us, it was us, the longing was not longing, it was your side and mine.

Era’s of human philosophy transcending limits of the evolution of men yet circulating in the same bubble. We sought to be in touch, yet we are untouching the touch – the ever breathing emotion of what is.. not us but all.

No matter what goes on in life we solve not everything, for minds of men are occupied with the thoughts of the ‘morrow or how to provide for today.

Society has changed much.

Life has changed, and continues to do so. *smiles*

We must bear in mind, nothing is new under the sun.

We ought love in One.

It’s easier said then done isn’t it. Some of us hide away from such pollution, some of us seek to build better for our loved ones, some of us tired and exhausted of a system that has no nutrients, but is a disease to human nature.

Yours sincerely, we aspire to be words so dearly.. that smother you with home and glee.

Where is home, and what is our glee.

The heart has the knowledge of its own – and in that building it forms a home. The Spirit has a quietness to its being, within it lies a soft glee of essence transcending time and eternity.

Where there is nothing, nothing but the sweet merry feather floating in the air . . .

Right in the mist of that feather, flys a dove and behind the dove a sweet angel sings a song ‘My little sunshine’

The pursuit of love could none else be but the experiment of life’s whole existence, not me, not you, or we but the talking prescence alive between it all.

Observing as it was, as it is and now.

Let there be light, and yes.. it shone and formed all for all to see.




I Promised.

I promised.

I promised myself.

No more.

I don’t know who it is, neither do I know what it is. . because it isn’t me.

Its hard to explain it, its out of my hands and I put it behind me. I genuinly don’t want nothing to do with it. It was what it was, and I learnt – the heart is a lie. . the soul recognizes it but I don’t want it to be here.

The feeling is something that I always wanted to disappear. I ain’t a fool, I’ve been foolish yes, but never will allow myself to be a fool again. I write my feelings because if I don’t I will go mad, if it isn’t paper then it’s here – where the soul expresses it self. I read so my mind is relaxed, I just read or write.. or stare into space, sing or dance and other things thats abit weird but who isn’t weird.

I can’t go in a cycle of letting go and then remembering, why can’t he just disappear and leave me alone.

I don’t play these games, I just don’t play these games.

Your either in or out.

Hot or cold.

I’ll be relaxed, calm just doing me but a memory hits me.. a face is reminded to me and the tears begin. I pray for it to leave me, I begged God to remove it, and for it to not be a part of me anymore. I’ve had such a long time to get over what this was, whatever this was. For real, as a young woman its cool, we can cry, we have emotions, we can feel.. but this is stupid now. Even I’m tired of this love…. if it’s love anyway.

I won’t run, I don’t need too because why should I?

I’m allowed to be where I am in me, why should anyone chase me from me. Maybe its me or maybe its him..who knows.

Funny enough. Love always knows *laughs* it always knows..

So there is no maybe you or maybe me, thats being childish *laughs* We always know.

I made a solemn promise to myself, that nothing like this will ever control my life again.


I can truly not care, I have it in me not too but its not a nice place to be and it goes against my soul so I have to go along with the caring.. cry and not deny it.. talk myself through my promise..smile, write, exercise and eat. Simple. No biggy, no problems. A guy is just a guy. Us deep lovers know how it is, we can REALLY disconnect or REALLY connect. Its that real. We can cover everything or we can just show everything.

Men are just men, ain’t nothing special in it apart from that.


Yes, God made them first and they are the real expression of Gods Love if he’s got himself right and is experienced *laughs* which majority of the time older men are. A Woman is an expression of him, and in God she carries his own and her own – vice versa. I study men at times, the same way a woman can fall head over heels so can he.. he does so silently, smoothly, and carefully he has a knowing.. in his knowing he fits it with her and gradually builds.. trying to control his compulsive sexual behaviour. She knows this, if he is real he’ll speak his truth regarding his impulses, if he isn’t he’ll fall into the hands of another woman rather quickly, who will be ready to grasp him for the night.. maybe longer who knows. A mans fantasy drives him for long periods of time.. This is something he alone must learn to tame. A woman is not led by compulsive sexual behaviours but by her heart which can quickly be decieved and a man can quite simply enter into it, and she falls into the net. She must not listen to her heart, she must pay attention to it but understand her soul and the loyalty joint from the soul to spirit governs the heart, mind etc.

A great man understands his fantasies and loses his interest in their superficial charm, he seeks for something long-lasting, a challenge to his nature not sexually although that would intrigue him more but moreso mentally, spiritually, soulfully but at the same time soothing to his nature, peaceful, adventurous and exciting. Each has their preference.

Same way he plays, so can she.. but she does it too bite nothing else. She does it merely to stab him in his own nature, this cripples him because she’s meant to be soft as he is, maybe softer and shes meant to manage it well – but once she has his soft place – her bite will sting, tear his guts and leave him emotionless for a while.. if she has not learnt prudence in trials and tribulations, then she will bite and make it strong too. Her prudence must surpass her feelings, but her prudence should not overule her spiritual revelation to how, why and what is the result for this act. Human behaviour is a bundle of unexplained situations, unorthdox behaviours but with spiritual awareness one can examine and see.. and this my friend ..this takes patience. Patience must not allow you to be a fool, but must reveal the foolishness of the situation and merely weigh a persons true intentions. This is disastrous. A complete mess. haha. Being slow to anger and kind gives you the shrewdness to work under drastic situations.

Hence why Love can appear to be a dangerous game. Although it is not a game. I REPEAT, LOVE IS NOT A GAME.

It is somewhat a Revelation, to you, me, mankind.. for all.

Its the state of spirit. Soul must yield to Spirit to help it evaluate everything and so effectively implement rightful actions towards ones ownself and the other.

Its either you play the game – the game is your physical nature and the mind and a loose heart or you outsmart it but are dis-satisfied because you may not win… The best thing is to lean not on ones own understanding but to be governed by the principles of God in Love.  Spiritual awareness, discernment and wisdom. This brings assurance to both parties.. loyalty consists of standing for Love seperately and together and in this there is no fear. There is only joy, and happy moments and of course.. tests to ones own nature and to both put together.

Hence why a man treads carefully in his heart with women, for the bite will be very strong. You see, its all a stupid cycle un-necessary, pointless, completely a waste of time. The game is a dangerous venom, poisonus, it will destroy you – so women get out of games!!! Do not be in a game and stop trying to be the game.. theres to many games out there. There is no competition. Trust me. Revelation is better than a game to see love before you, or the potential of it is better than a game. Games last a little bit but finish leaving us gagging.

Men, just quit playing games.. we know you control it so whats the point, come as you are, be honest and real.. thats all. We learn though, we get it, that all that time it was pretty simple, yeah.. but oh well.. we therefore move forward. Mistakes are good for us all.

I am secretly crazy and I just don’t want to care no more, my soul rests in my craziness – it somehow tames it. Love quietens me and peace is my friend when I holla at faith. This has aways been the way it’s worked for me.

Why someone would like to come and interrupt this, does not make sense. Is this my own Love, because if it is..  its crazy, real crazy.. playing games on me.. me *laughs* Its a joke.

However crazy it makes me be, I’m still calm. How is this possible, I don’t know.. but God is real. I know silently it’s dangerous but it refuses to be fired up because it knows.. it shouldn’t.. it really shouldn’t.

Let it rest in its calm, smiling when it wants.. why remind me.

Its best I truly write this out or windows will be smashed if I just sit in silence, they know my feelings.. they listen to me talk and they cry with me, they go humid when tears are in my eyes *laughs* so basically my windows cry with me.

I should be a sumarai, maybe a powerpuff or I don’t even know. This writing has actually helped me though. Seriously I was on the verge of screaming!!!

Please understand feelings are sometimes so cruel, they aways try to come back. Always. Like why? stay awayyyyy… far.. far.. away! Maybe I should just be a love counsellor to myself, or maybe live in the rainforest and be best buddies with the gorillaz they may understand me better.. they don’t say much it’s just their gestures show real affection.

*sigh* This was geuinely my writing therapy and at the end of it, the thing.. *gasps* you see if I try to explain the thing or person the picture of him may try and come back in my head.. so i’ll avoid it!!! A recent engeenir came to my house and told me go out and have fun, drink and find someone, experiment. I’d rather avoid that. *yawns*

So a little note to me:

‘Its okay girl, your heart was unaware, you fell in love with the game baby.. you didn’t even know how to play it. You to busy crying, and wanting a man to love you, who didn’t care, he didn’t even have the time anyway booboo *laughs* ahhh, girl you nearly fell for the damn snake. Sister please, never again!!! Jesus got to lead you, not your heart baby, not your heart.. it’s decietful above all things sister.. never be decieved in your heart! Just live soulfully as you were, someone who may understand you might come along. If not don’t worry yourself.. Love is revelation so life may show you something completely new! Who knows? There’s plenty of time for partnerships. DON’T LET YOUR FEELINGS CONTROL YOU GIRL!!! HE GONE, LONG GONE.

And REMEMBER – know you are wonderfully and beautifully made.

A Hidden Diamond!

And to one who finds you, finds a wonderful treasure indeed!



Where-ever they may be

Its more than sex.

Its more than the cuddles.

Its more than smooches.

Its more than holding hands.

Its deepest secrets are its true affection,

shared in ways many will feel being around the two who are one rather than merely see with their eyes the expression of lovers being “lovers” I suppose.

Its not always smiles but it can be the soft look of reassurance, the silence of being in the mist of eachothers presence. Yes, like a bumble bee in hibernation after seeking out its mate.. the silence of rest within one another, near or far.

Maybe one look can melt her Soul, maybe one touch can soften his Spirit.

Lose yourself within it to awaken through it.

The thought of he caressing her body seems splendid, the thought of her kissing his back following the outlines of his body.. mysterious to he that it arouses excitement. The pleasure of smelling eachothers skin, diving deep into the soul eyes and being intoxicated by presence alone.. the pant of this strange cosmic consciousness you enter just by being. Your naked selves not needing too mate just yet but to sit together in your nakedness and admire your bodies, talking of the funny dangly breasts and the quirky erection of the penis. Two adults ..running around the house naked chasing eachother like children realizing the joys of self-expression beyond the body.

“Lets cook naked” he says.

“Why not” she smiles.. getting up, they both discovering new recipes playing around in the kitchen laughing at eachothers silly gestures, shaking their bums..allowing the moment to unravel thier own mysterious highs. Free.

They shower together like children.. looking at eachother sincerely, the urge to hold one another beyond this physical.

Can she cry without you pitying her, can you protect her from herself.

Can he tell you his deepest intimate feelings and thoughts, his secrets without you judging him, using it against him..telling anyone or fearing the dragon in his mind.

You can both wipe eachothers bum for a day and see what it’s like to be a baby again.

Lets eat leaves they say, he picks her bogey, shes stick her finger in his ear and feels his ear wax. Oops her menstrual cycles arrived can he watch her change her pad or help her do so, afterall when he has his first daughter won’t she be confused with what this whole menstrual cycle thing is later on in life. . what would he explain to her if he’s the only one around at the time?

“I helped your mum change her pad kiddo, I know what i’m doing.. here take this and lay it flat on your panty.. ” he closes the door as his daughter does it herself.. she comes out grinning “done!” He hi-5’s her.

The one-ness between two creates an affirmation of hope, love and faith.. this is something they create by being free and loosing themselves of the boundaries displayed on Love. They must break down the walls within themselves and eachother to discover the hidden treasure between the one-ness, formless with eachother.. this will merge them.. He see’s her and is her. She sees him and is him. Immortalised. Other women come around and speak to him, he is looking through her eyes and they see her naked soul through him.. they shy away. When other men come around and speak to her, they instantly see his gaze in her eyes, they nod respectfully and smile.

How is this possible?

Did you not know True lovers are eachother ?

It is not imagination, this is ascending through the conditions on this supreme power we call “Love” and being without any.

They have no excuses, this is a matter of Life.. that the lies woven in love was to destroy the power held within it.. seeming out of reach when it truly existed in the cells of their identical souls, a lovers union was the essence of the tree of life.

They are in eachother all along it takes the Sacred One-ness of Divine Spirit to awaken this transcendent beauty within them both.

Where-ever they may be.

Where Ever They May Be 💛

The Madness’s of Love

In the Madness’s of Love,

Should we stay silent?

Should we not utter a word, if so that itself would be a disgrace to its mastery, or a shame to its many attempts within its own mastery.. as we know it’s never a shame. It’s understood, multiple times. Yes, in our gardens we look upon the many tree’s seeing which will bear the correct fruit. . Dictating ourselves, judging ourselves. Mere men.

We were silent once before, we already knew the illusion of the mystery, The thought of it somehow moulding as an illusion.

Some what,

a dream that was a reality, for even in the mist of dreams we come forth in a different realm,summoning the realities unseen. Does that make the mystery an illusion for real?

The thought of it somehow moulding as an illusion.

Some what,

a dream that was a reality, for even in the mist of dreams we come forth in a different realm,summoning the realities unseen. Does that make the mystery an illusion for real?

We have not concluded, we have an end result and only when we determine it to be an illusion we reject the history of perception, of foolishness, of knowledge increased though remaining the same under the booming sun. I am not I am, no how atrocious of one to speak on matters as such as the highest in any way – he whom believes thyself as God becomes himself delusional. I neither invoke other lives within my existence, for all is of my existence and yet so we are combined with many who were before and who may come after us.

Why do we fail to see the madness of love present with us? Should we pull out our hair, should we run around naked without clothes screaming this truth; should we scream the streets cursing out at our disgust of our ulterior being. . will that reveal to you? In the name of love, we are flying to a place unknown, a territory unheard of, clinging soulfully to this madness.

Was unseen likewise seen and never heard, was known and unknown but never really experienced, was free and yet trapped, was woo’d and yet manipulated, was woke but slept on, was alone and yet with the supreme, was right and then wrong but somehow beyond the surface was the sacrifice, a gift of life.

We knew it somehow, and we bumped into another we. . . and this exalted the highwithin us, a deep vision to see theunfathomable hand of God the Unseen at work in the present making it history to remember – never to be forgotten, lived by us, through us and we fought the survival to stay one with The Supreme One.. The One above all – buried in our madness, our confusion of love.

She looks away understanding already all she needed to know, hiding the sacred within. Helooks away, understanding all he needed to know. . the sacred was aching within him. What does it take to bring such light together, nothing more than the mysterious madness at work.

Nothing more but the madness’s of love.