Lucid Discoveries.

Can one distinguish the fact between autonomy and empiricism?

Autonomy is holding the self-governing, self-will and ever-growing potential in the balanced source within to evaluate the proceedings of Life’s ultimate will in the home of the beholder.

Empiricism is Knowledge and experience, accumalated through philosophy and the excessive study of books so one’s own brain can create it’s own wit began by another.

They both work together quite well allowing one to form new forms from both themselves and the knowledge they inherit from others and from observation.

Exploration is in fact a word that is an experiment of one’s own self. This is acceptable when one’s own reason is capable of understanding that it can go beyond it’s own being. Going beyond, is this one’s own secret? To go beyond, you either tread carefully or lose your method in the process, regaining yourself is a war. Do you know the master in who trains you for the greater beyond?

For it is not against human enemies that we have to struggle up against but against the principalities and the ruling forces who are masters of the darkness in this world, the spirits of evil in the heavens. (Ephesians 6:12)

To man it is impossible, but nothing is impossible to God. Direct words from the Christ.

What does it take to explore? Equilibrium, the state of one’s own calmness. This mystery is revolved in every being but we do not shed ourselves completely, to maintain it’s momentum.

Autonomy is self based, giving one the right to establish for himself his own setting, empericism allows your knowledge and experience to create your facts, and therefore adhere to philosophical information to branch from .. more and more. Exploration is the dive, but the dive is silence. Ideas and concepts create whirlwinds of information and excitement, exploration, when it’s rational state has continually knocked within itself.. has its foundation in both masteries within autonomy and empericism.

We sometimes do not know what we hold.

You are the philosophy of life under the arc of covenant which of course is defined by the mystery itself, the kingdom being inside of you and not outside of you. So what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? He gains nothing. His pleasures and excitments are of the physical creations that limit his horizon at the source within, which is  built to gain more of him and less of the outter him.

New creation’s derive from order in exploration of the inner man, which does not consist of outter appearance. So diving into silence, is the only way to therefore pin one’s own perceptions, whether skeptical in theory or found in providence in a divine stature within one’s own home.

So Love, your decor and mannerisms are of it’s own accord.. To one’s own wishes, not confined by the shaking of hands, or the kiss on the cheek neither the foolish laughter of secret jokes or even so the polluted idea’s of concepts.

Be ye not conformed to the world, but be renewed in the mind, above is within – below is without.

Think of the things above, everything honourable, true, upright, what is good and praiseworthy. (Phillipains 4:8)

If that rule regulates in you exploration is therefore creating it’s own paradigm within you.



Do they push us for greater or do we stay cradled in the manger?


I often time’s wondered why challenges were a part of life.. in what ways we were able to see ourselves through difficulties, or maybe through the joys. Through the whole journey the mental processes somehow develop faculties that enhance our perspective in the different alleyways of the mind.

Usually we are prone to over-react, distancing ourselves – fighting our being and others around us but we do not stop to revitalize the inner man, or in other cases to view our inner beings as a source of life to expand than to deteriate in our own means.

Challenges come in many ways to stop us from developing life from within us or to allow us to strive to develop more life from within us. If God has given us Life to it’s full, why does humanity allow deception of concepts and idea’s to derange there way of thinking as soon as challenges appear or even so without the challenges appearing?

There are two roads in life: The wide and spacious road in which many go through and it leads to destruction. This road is made up of things outside of you seeking to get within you, things that influence us in every area of our life, supporting our challenges and befriending them. Many take this road because it’s easy to run from your problems, right? It’s easy to have an escape route than face who you really are.. It’s easy to allow the serpent to whisper lies in your mind and you follow the whole crowd.. or even the knowledge of all these good and evil dysfunctional ideas. Self destruct why don’t you. Follow the world, why don’t you. Be an ambassador for deception – atleast you can hide away from reality.

The other road is a narrow gate, and a hard road that leads to life, and only a few find it. This road is not easy, this road will arouse the challenges to appear more frequently than usual, this road will anger the masses, it will at times anger you for it is the road for the sentiment, the bold and courageous, the faithful, the seekers of truth, the one’s who question their existence. This road is for those who do not want to fit into an agenda but to explore the mysteries of life within them. Oh fellow friend how hard this road is, to be forced to adhere to the profanities of the world, to run from the lures of the outter man, to heed to the voice of the inner man.. to connect and disconnect from God – the supreme echoe of silence in ourselves – the still calming voice of hope somehow pursue the deepest part of your ownself and allow it to reveal to you all the lies of this carefully planned out corruption of reality – made by forces that work with power, pride and every deadly act of the soul.

   Are challenages a pinnacle movement of our souls or the last straw in the hay and lights are out?

Can you justify yourself in the mist of challenges?

Are you able to re-enforce a new developing being in the challenge or does the old template re-enforce you to become it’s delerium.

Let us bear in mind, the mental processes are a way we can fend for our own insight and as well as that share the spiritual truths from within them.

Will you always be in a manger or will the challenge make you see the greater within you, than what appears to be in the world?

If the world is already judged, then adjust yourself to righteous judgement and spiritual truth – maybe find the hidden depths of your own being too, this will definately guide you. The Holy Spirit doesn’t lie when it says he is your comforter.

Be not dismayed, didn’t Christ say he had already conqueored the world.. what about you.. can the challenage conqueor you or are you able to rise from within and know that to man it is impossible but to God, he who governs life in righteousness, in spirit and truth –  nothing is impossible.


The Mystery Sayings..

1000 kisses in the solitude.

Words of wisdom in the colenial feud.

Imbalance of a federal commute.

Everyday logic, everyday muse.

Consciousness awakened by the disturbance of a fluke.

Hands of love, foot of detest. . walking away to hug is not in it’s interest.

Power, power.. conversations of power endless talks to control the flowers.

Food must enter, to vomit the decay but the longing for ventures may turn you into prey.

Order, Order, Justice and Law you are convicted you are the cause.

Hunger, hunger may lead you to steal but now you are troubled again with ordeals.

Flames of fire fast and effective, flames of fire the consuming detective.

Nurturing love a consistent lure, a touch of hope a touch of myrhh.

Unconditional love a mimic dew continually echoing the universal flute.

The Blind Man

He who is misled by his delusions,

He who is frightened by his own malicious thoughts…

He who is forced to change the actions of others by manipulation of thoughts and words.

The blind man is only intent on his own doings, he does not seek to be with those who sow in his field. He is led by his own thinking, and his mastery is a matter of experience in his own fortitude, rather than exploring the fortitude of others and shedding true meaning to all souls via deep connections.

   He must be able to see the tree, and then see the behaviour of those trees, he must understand that humanity is his field to sow within, he must understand his part in the mission of soul existence. Existence is a matter of following through – theres a broad and a narrow way. He who pays attention can master the thought of which idea is broad, and which is narrow.

     Unfolding an element of self is to lie postrate to the throne above all thrones, and seeing whether it is clear or blurred by one’s own illusions.

The throne is governed by The Father – the blur is the hysterical fanatical influences of society which has no real play on the inner man. We are all the blind man asking Christ to open our eyes, we are opened to see the tree’s.. we see many characters and then we are touched by the hand of grace to see behaviours and in this we can relate to those who reflect us unto our ownselves.

    The mystery is not as boring as we think, this is true.. the animals await this true dance of life.. where they are noticed not as things to adore but as beings to see as you see. Where nature can wave at you as you walk on by.

Heaven on earth – Where the light of essence is more than the ever-changing body but the mystery that is a result of the ever-changing flow and manifestation of the soul. The full man, and the explorer seeks to make others full by recieving the fill in his own being.

The negatives and the past destructive thoughts are all mis-perceptions of the inner world being polluted to think its existence is of the outter world.


To Give Of Oneself

I honestly care.

Though there seems to be no reason, but there always is.

Love always cares.


Everything happens for a reason, situations come into our lives to reflect who we are to ourselves. Letting go is something we must always do, attachments to situations and things doesn’t help us to see clearly. My hearts always been soft and held onto things, especially things that made my heart leap. One must guard there hearts, this is the wellsprings of life, to give it away is a gift to one who has grown to understand the precious rock that lives in our chest.

Innocence is in all of us – we should never let go of the hands of the sweet surrender, this is our strength. The sacrifice it takes to truly see the goodness of Life is something beyond us.. to release and begin again, to die and to ressurrect.

We are strength to eachother, as a world and yet most of us are oblivious of such a great power we possess. Some who possess it go un-noticed and some are seen – others hold onto it with dear life and share it as much as possible. We are all precious, and I hope you the reader seeing this know that you are beautifully and wonderfully made. You are a gift in many ways, everything about you is a living breathing walking gift I hope you know this.

We all possess something within ourselves that contribute to creating a legacy of Life with one another and with the Unseen Giver of Life ..The Father who is seen in all he has created through the Eternal Spirit. We must treasure the wisdom bestowed upon Life, we must seek it, knock on its door and ask for it – this way Love is a perserverance for us to understand it in ourselves more and more. In the times of happiness and weariness the perserverance is our knowing of what is greater beyond us and yet so close and near to us.. within us. Greater is he who is in me, than he who is in the world. The society may have created an unhealthy world but every man is responsible for his society and in that responsbility he must choose upon himself to utilize all abilities he has been given in life to better not only himself but support those around him too. I wondered alot in life, about Love and Wisdom, Beauty and the Unseen – the mystery ever flowing through me – I felt like a wanderer – belonging was absent because wherever I was I was somehow giving me but what I expected or understood of it was something bigger than me, than us. Diving into eachother is something not for the faint of heart, and neither is it for those who admire themselves ever so much in pride and arrogance. In the balance there is a secret, and in this secret a door opens – on the other side a cataract within this treasures of gold and unlimited sight of the unseen in its wonders creating the society in you, delivering it into a world that cries out for this unseen mystery.

You see, i’m just inbetween it all – the feelings, the emotions – the pulls and the tides.. I see them, I witness them and they try to take a toll on me but the Unseen Creator – is so grand in the Spirits design what is a human before his eyes but a speck of sand?

But Oh the heart he carries, that precious rock has such great definition before his sight, such a knowledge that the beholder does not even seem to be aware of what goes on in there. Sacred it is much? That even ones own self cannot fully understand it’s hidden mystery and intent of its own being unless it beckons to be understood, not from self but the giver and yet still – self reveals it. Is self then the giver? No, that is partially the mystery behind the self and the giver – beloved and lover. This magnificant conversation we have with The Unseen God is in everything we do, I’m practically conversating with him now, for isn’t the easiest way for one to understand another – through the word?

Echoeing from a place deep within ourselves that we don’t even know, we can’t even put a label on that.. we just cannot it’s not a matter of knowing it’s absurd to begin to find the voicebox and then see the letters and vocal range ushering out from an amazing creation which is a part of us. My darling, i’m quite amused at this place, at us and most certainly I am in awe and in laughter with The Unseen God as well as in tears for the wonders of such an existence – it makes me tremble – it makes me shake – I am postrated from within – my breath is gone and only my beating heart remains.

To Give of Oneself – To Dive into the Ocean of Love

From me to you – from us to eachother – eachother to all.

To Give of Oneself.

Naked Discovery

Yes, I feel you.

Are you trying to make me yearn for you. Haven’t I already felt you in my heart. You basically saw me go through a madness, attached to something of the past which I had to surrender too, in order to follow the plan. The Highest knows all.

Why are you doing this to me. Are you trying to play with my Spirit, you was here and then you was gone? Why are you testing my love. I know your Spirit, I knew it from the moment I felt you look from afar and there you was.. standing upright, you stood out – I had to look away.. not to be hypnotized and yet still sane to spiral out of my brain.. as always.

I felt you in the other world, I saw you in fact.. why did you hide behind everyone else, I stopped and followed you but you somehow disappeared. Then I saw you again, you was so gentle, I stared at you.. I can’t remember what you said but there were people in the room and I felt your heart and followed it. Are you trying to make me go beyond myself again? It won’t happen, I already know the feel.. it won’t happen. You.. you know something.. I know something..

Quit being the ghost, Quit being a mystery, that’s what I do!!!

How you going to be a mystery to my own mystery. I disappear, I’m seen and unseen.. but you .. you are the same or maybe not.. you are..right? Why does this feel different. . .

I want to run, but I want your touch.

I want to shake it off but I want to feel you, flowing in me.

I don’t even know you, you could possibly have a partner – and I would never get inbetween such a sacred union but you just disappeared, what am I to know. . you left me with you.

  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I’m a runner, because it gets intense.

I feel everything, I always have.. the closer I get to someone I take them and I talk to their Spirit.

Does our hearts make us close?

The soul is secretive, lets not go into that.

Something like honey melted into fire and sprung forth from there is ripples of the horizon – far out beyond – galaxies and universes. Where words aren’t spoken but all is discovered and known.

It’s not a game, this is real.. this is strange – I always read to pre-occupy my mind away from this planet, but I’ve realized I have to pay attention here too.. which I have been but somehow I’m too into my world. I like my world. I’ve been silent about it for years.

Words really can’t express what i’m trying to say – words cannot amount to it – we both know that. Strange soul.. I won’t be looking for you, but I’ll be listening. I’ll hold on to you – if that will do me anything?

I’m silent, I express my desires in ways that I don’t seem to understand.

You make me feel things, real things, Life.. and when you was silently watching me.. you was… well. . . .I can’t explain it.

I don’t know what this is.

Your not here, but you are.

Who are you, tell me. . tell me beloved and lover – for you quench me like a consuming fire and yet still I burn deep within – even the petals of rain cannot consume me.

Who are you, tell me. . I want to run to you, and hold you in my arms, and I want to escape at a distant far – zooming into you.

Who are you, tell me. .  for now I am long gone from the forbidden fruit and it is destroyed. My heart is yours and yours is mine.

I will disappear and you will look for me, I will be gone and you will ask for me – but all that time I have been with you.

                  I beat with you, I see you just as you see me.

I feel you like you feel me – I have known all along. . .

I hold you in me, and you may not have known but

it is showing itself to you.

I know you. I’ve always known you. Can you not see me ?

I Love you strange soul, I do. . and you Love me to.

This is no ordinary Love. We both understand this.

You & I both – Seers – My Love – the things I long to do with you..

To invite you way deep into my soul – places no one knows, or no’ones been into. Hidden doors, and pages of us both.

We don’t do fantasy, we see – we feel – we talk unseen.

If you could understand the passion of love just as a fire that builds for you in my core – it calls me – I am left in a daze.

  • – – – – – – – –

We long for eachother in hidden places, we are attached in Unseen realms. Your whisper would melt my womb, my hold would firm your testicle. We call, even though we are far.

This is beyond desire or passion – this is the naked discovery.

Maybe I should dissolve – maybe then you won’t catch me..

I know who you are, we both know in our secret soul.

We can both strip ourselves in the Naked discovery and find the real truth in us both.

Its a consuming fire.











Mystery in Love

Love is beautiful.

It’s a war to be won, given yet freely to each of us.. whoever seeks it’s truth will reap it’s benefits, to those who push it away.. well they suffer the consequences of their lack of understanding and perish for lack of knowledge.

I’m a pretty cool and calm young woman, I don’t ask for much but the true love that never dies and to share it with another. In a world like this i’ve learnt thats too much to ask for. There are always conditions, preferences, division… and then the fundamental truth of it’s living is therefore not becoming or even known to be. . instead it’s some sort of act needed to be praised. I’ve also understood we lack knowledge on the truth of Love. . it’s real truth.. the core truth of Love that knowledge beholds from within it.. on this I’d prefer not to go into as much.

Life is such a gift, so precious.

Every single soul alive is a living witness to the love of the Supreme. There’s nothing as sweet, tender and free as the love from the Creator in us and around us.

Love carries us through, it has been my friend for so long, I trust its protection in me and around me – it is something I choose to not let go of. No man can show me the love of the spiritual as I know the Creator can – it’s mystery has allowed me to understand why I believe, it hasn’t been easy but what is easy in this life of sorrows and pain we inflict on ourselves and eachother.

I’ve realized although peculiar in my ways – i’m forced to lean on this mystery, some things don’t make sense but I have to continue. . I have to follow through on the mystery of Love.

Spiritual Love surpasses all.

Infinite – Heart and Soul & Spirit


Elle x

A Heart Of Stone

I did it to myself, I broke it and so I fix it.
A society programmed to make you hallucinated, ill-framed and a product to protected lawful abuse of the mind.
A colonized heart of pain and fragments of delusions from torments and traumatic events. Yet so I found it, that silence.. those eyes and yet so disappearance had me running in my own lullaby never forgetting the small segments of my delusional mind.. Hoping for something I couldn’t express yet for a reoccurring evolution to orchestrate a hearts repair, is it fair?
I did it to myself, rock solid is the tears a sting  I knew.. and yet still the world went by and so did he. Madness is the state of the heart penetrating the mind and the soul suffocated by its own death, it won’t die but every shattered piece felt like a murder she wrote herself – designed to pattern her legal right to stand without fear.. even if it meant standing alone. Yes, it was his face that reappeared, my life sucked out into the same distraught memory of words I couldn’t open up too.. words I couldn’t say – hypnotized by fear of an emotion I had long stored away, of a depth to myself I allowed to be hidden. Heart of stone, grace said enough.. I fired up and yet still I did it to myself. He had no play, he had no game. I pulled the trigger, I set pace.. I allowed my power to be instigated by an old walk down memory lane.. demons tried to haunt me, to take me out and swallow me alive but somehow the heavens heard my silent screams.. no words.. a hearts cry real loud.

I walk it not for anyone else, but for what it is and the undescribed distant memories of every soul cry to be recognized or seen.. but I was and am still living. Its a state of the soul, eyes open even when shut, eyes open even when blurred in the world.. the wind blowing to and fro and your standing..shackles gone, but how this rhythm is a phantom opera.. a mystery chant.

I walk it, the quest within love. . I chose it.
The despair and the core grit ripped out.. bruises poured in, scars erased – tattoos sewed in of the aftermath.

   A heart of stone isn’t the fact she doesn’t cry, she cries much. She’s silent too, she laughs much and somehow completely subtle in her madness unseen but seeing. A heart of stone is cultivated in her tears, in her silence and in her disappearance, in her determination for the mystery of love to reveal it’s secrets.

A heart of stone is the stone that the builders rejected, and it therefore became a cornerstone – a chief in it’s own right.


Celestial essence within, a timeline dated before we ever could of known word and expression. Within sight lies something more untamable. Threatening existence is not merely presence alone it is the concord of atomsphere and preliminary occurrences in the wind of ones own dance. Attention to the details, the secret silence seeming futile to the fast paced world. It is not a roar, nor footsteps, either the calm of the wind. What is it formed to be? Mastery is the ascension of the particles within activated by the divine essence of the Holy Spirit untethered. Only one who has understood and come forth from the cycle long before has the key to instigate a solemn duty. DNA encrypted in the soul with divine providence .

Why bring it low, why fathom it . . . neither provoked by man or any human, this itself is the celestial plane of heavens guidance to insinuate an existence beyond us and within us. Realms unspoken of, missions called on… we are forming. . .

The form is in the Garden of Light, Seer..

Come out, Be seen.. Faithful One.


What does it mean?

Seemingly being all that you were and are already.

Distinction of the finest efforts applyed by domestic care, you are the outcome.

Sobriety in a dis-illusioned setting, mystic at it’s core but the enemy somehow lurks to falsify the effect. A saviour much, as so it may appear to be, don’t be fooled. Sinners we are, turnt to heros in the darkest hours.

An answer for much, a sight of some.. a word spoken an explanation heard, ways to help… words of hope, cry on me. The time to solve an issue beyond you. Tired, but continually resulting to one.

Who can you run too, in order to understand – I guess we face our trials in the mist of others and yes – this is healing as well as putting our part in the past. Shimmering away to the comfort of our being. I saw me in them. I saw me in them, it somehow was a play, one I understood – one I saw beckoning in the mist of us. The heart understood, would it come back?

    It did, slowly.. the gesture was always the niceness.. the mother correcting and encouraging. Problems anyone?

Run to her. No problems well, she is no longer remembered.

It is a cycle, viewed as understanding to oneself and offering to life and it’s form. Learn to live through it all, leave behind the things that replay. I see you, you see me. Full stop.

 I’m cosy here, away – mesmerised by the planets decay and yet by it’s cure in the womb. Why fathom that which shall not be understood but continually is within a cycle.

Mono-tone, with a smile of acceptance.

There is no pity is there? A raised eyebrow maybe…

Quite frankly a dismissal of a stare. Look away.

This is no beating heart, or drooling love, or the poise of residing in a make believe society.

Common words are told: Solitude invites many, but you drive them away by one’s own fortitude.

This is noteworthy:

Establish an inner arc preserved for the witness, melancholy may try to war the arc – harshness – the battles of the sinful nudes of the calamity of the world – but the arc is a solid construction. . built not by solid hands but by the Divine melody of life.

 Swiftly riding on… quietly… in the song.