The Beloved

Often time this dear one wondered if it all was worth it, the open-ness and the remembering.

Staring out her window.. eyes blinking.. whilst observing the swaying trees.

Her heart was precious, soft and strong.. yet it magnificently bloomed as a flower. No one had any idea why her heart was the way it was but this rose always kept her calm.

‘I wonder if he’ll come for me’

Oh how her longing for her long lost love sang to her soul.. day after day, month after month, year after year but the one to whom could share her with herself had not arrived.  The Rose pondered if ever the bliss expression of unconditional real love would be her lot in this fleeting life – To Love and Be Loved
To Hold & Be Held

To Cherish and Be Cherished..

To have a burning desire of Amour for another that transcended the physical dimension.

Where was he?

The Rose didn’t want to put a name on he because  all her hopes on the one her heart was drawn too had lost its touch. Yes the beloved had loved he..but he never noticed her. Realizing maybe it was all a dream and now the wake up to reality was her transfiguration – The one her soul secretly had fallen for was not the match for her inner being; It was time to move on, and let go. . .  all the time waiting for He, The Rose may have missed the One.

Her eyes wide, one with humanity again admiring the view.. in her innocence, sweetness, and cosmic nature.

The Beloved – the one they never forgot, the one they always remembered but who would claim her.

The Truth

He touched my face..

I touched his..

He ran his hands on my lips. . .

I stared deeply in his eyes as he held

our gaze with his strength.

He has caused my heart to be weak..though it is solid.

my soul to be overjoyed and my spirit to be home with him. . . finally!

You were faraway but now i feel you close

I saw you from a distance and knew the sweet melody you were in my atomsphere. You lean in to whisper in my ear

“I can no longer wait, the time is soon to be up – we must be ready to reunite in our dimension and bring it forth to where we are now”

i tilt my head looking into his soul, without a blink.

my heart was racing..his heart was still.

He knew what he had to do, all i had to do was let him take the lead. Was I ready?

Was I ready to surrender to the plan, surrender to a new life, surrender to this man?

Yes I loved him but was it true enough to share my whole life with him.

To be naked and open, vulnerable and seen for who I really was. He knew who I was already. . .there was no way of hiding me in front of him, it was impossible.. It was always obvious, it was always seen.. Love.. was always seen but somehow being unseen in the mist of Life made the Lovers have to fight deeply for themselves before laying eyes on one another again.

Our eyes held connection. . .

Yes I loved him, more than i’ve ever loved anyone but this was steep..this love was steeper than I imagined. This magnetic powerful source I felt between us scared me – it was strong. . it was powerful. . it was present. Why choose me? Out of everyone else why me.. I wondered.. I just care and want the best for you .. I want you to be happy but me? I said looking through him.. as the words flew from my mind to his

He tilted his head,

Why not you? Out of everyone else I saw you, do you know what you have.. who you are? I won’t be with just anyone – not just anyone can have me. This source, this fire.. this divinity of life guided me to this point but had shown me you in my journey. My lady your much more than you think, you are divine… I need you and you need me. You know the truth – it is here with you now – don’t run from it.

His face softened as he felt my heart, he knew I was terrified but he understood that I could not deny the truth. We existed before but we had a second chance, a chance to complete the story we both believed about Love.

Our foreheads leaned in together and touched in that moment – We disappeared.

Real Love

I never knew this wide eyed child would remain alive.

This world has left us in awe, we are mesmerized by the beauty of existence.

An opened warrior to the mysteries of Life.

A beating heart for the Universe and all the lives flowing from within it.

I wondered if this wide eyed child would see you again.. they tried to tear the child..

to break the child and make the child disappear. . Life roared at the enemy and the child crawled in order to stand and as it stood the child could see its reflection in everyone.

The child never died, it observed the world.. it learnt so much.. saw so much but knew very little. The little it knew the more the kingdom opened up within the child. The child was unseen and only could see when it stopped looking out and experienced all from within.

This Child carries something with it that people never forgot ..a truth that lives in its presence, through the good and the bad.. a passion that has never been lost in its eyes.

A heart that was always opened.

Do you recognize..that child?

The One

This infinite emotion,

Divinity glides through her – the wave

in the ocean.

Tears rolling down her eyes,

though it should be the time to rejoice.

True love is lived and experienced.

Who is she?

She feels everything.

She experiences everything.

Love is the depth of her unlimited waters. . .

the mere look within her eyes.. In there is the world’s potion. What is her Love?

She has entrusted no man the keys to her home. . . But there have been requests for body-guards to the gates of her house.

She skips, she sings and in all she is free

but to give herself away is not her hearts glee.

Why Oh Why they ask? She seems to not know.. her heart is seeking to be pure, to be flowing. . .not to stop and change wherever it is going. . Shes growing, Shes knowing.

She utters less words, her eyes dart around – she views the atomsphere.. her breath so profound.

Whom will unlock the padlock?

Her voice, her melody. . . the inner power of what holds this true energy.

They want to hold her, kiss her and feel what she feels but her essence is built more in the passion and desire to be real and to heal.

Don’t tie me down..she cries.

Don’t want me..she urges.

I am a wind never discovering where its pulling from but where ever it goes you hear it, feel it, admire it and your marked by it.

Her silence speaks, although her words are thorough and deep that it echoes wisdom..she becomes muddled at the thought of her own speech so she pants .. her pant gasping for loves air to save her.

She appears alone but she is one, she is not alone but she is connected and always has been. A wanderer much? They all nod, a wanderer with knowledge of life.

No one can hold her as the Divine Father has since she was cradled in the essence as a baby.

She fights to stand for her, for the weak.. the poor and broken-hearted.

O’ this all enlightens her soul, empowers her mind. . .seduces her heart. . Resurrects her spirit. One of a kind?

Sweetness her charm, strength her eyes roar,

Her laugh her undercover confidence, her silence ..her pondering, her shyness in which she is seen a muse.

Royalty is her signature.

Loyalty her heart.

Truth her voice.

Love her being.

Love – To see, To touch, to feel, to understand, to learn, to grow, to share to evaluate. . to add and to take away. It is the living, it is never dead. Rejoices in all, with all. It is. We are.

What is her love. . .

The overflowing waters, forever creating ripples and waves. Her love was the spirit that hovered over the waters. In the beginning.

The One.

He Finally Came Home.

It was a cold winter evening, as she walked along the pathway. . cars zooming by on the road, and the dark sky reflecting the moon and the stars from the heavens. She had a long day, tired from work. . and the world. All she dreamed of was a moment when someone would sweep her off her feet into a faraway land to drown in the melody of love to dance in the rhythm of a souls ecstasy driven by the longing of its dearest. Her day to day life was all she knew, her thoughts, her dreams, her poems, her songs, her universe, her space, her captured scenery in her heart. . . She is a muse. She continued walking along the path heading to go to the shop, her mind wavering on what she ought to buy but knowing she had no time to be indecisive, it was way too cold for this. Her scarf wrapped around her neck and her long coat hugging her small frame. As she slowly turned the road a car sneaked up behind her, startling her sacred soul and calming heart. The windows rolled down and her eyes squinted, she gulped not prepared for what she might see.

“Vanessa” .. he called.

She recognized his voice, her soul froze.. her mind floated and her heart begun to beat. He felt her and she felt him. She turned her gaze to him and they both quickly stared deeply into one another and looked away. The power was strong, she didn’t know what to do.. to respond or to keep on walking.

“I know” he said calmingly, looking out the window “I know everything about us, everything about you. . .Who you are and why we had to meet that day. . I know you want to walk away right now and you can but I need to speak to you as a man, I need you to hear me say what I need to say – come inside”

Vanessa hesitated, for once she wasn’t able to run or make an excuse or deny anything – she had to face the one and he had to face his own reflection. She walked around the car and opened it, sitting on the passenger seat. The car was warm and comfortable, her eyes turned to look at him he looked at her and for that moment everything stopped. The energies stood face to face – in awe of eachother. . enlightened by one another. . feeling it’s own reflection – seeing it’s home – finding it’s mirror. He smiled and stroked her cheek with his hands, his eyes looking like they were about to water, she felt his heart tugging as he held her cheek.. She didn’t know what to do – she looked at him in innocence and purity.

“I love you and I want to apologize. I’m sorry I didn’t chase after you, I’m sorry I never wrote to you. I’m sorry I left you heartbroken” He turned his gaze away tears trickling down his face.

“You should hate me but I know you still love me, I never forgot you but life wouldnt let me get to you. . I wouldn’t let me get to you, my choices, my surroundings. Everything. When I saw you that day, you took me somewhere else and you didn’t even realize the beauty I saw before me. . when I woke up from it, it scared me. How was I still present with you when you removed time and brought me into space – the piercing love and truth in your eyes, spoke of a loyalty that lived in me. You changed me and pushed me to look into me, to be a better man – your calming and joyful free spirit full of love and care it stamped an eternal note in me. I recognized the stamp but somehow ran away. Vanessa I know what I done to you, I tore you and I didn’t realize before it was too late. You wanted nothing else but to love me, to be my friend and be by my side. I was too scared, I didn’t understand. . . But now I do. I love you beyond space or time, I love you beyond the touch, I love you as I love myself. You are me and I am you. We are seperate yet one, and I didn’t see because my mirror was clouded with the world. I looked for you but couldn’t find you, I asked about you but heard nothing. Your essence brought me to my knees to beg God for a chance to see you again and now I’m here with you. I’m here, it is you I choose. It is you Vanessa, it had always been you”

Her eyes watered, her heart soothed by the truth of his knowing. He stared at her from the heart and patiently waited for her response.

She looked out the window,

“Old friend, now you come. . .when the night is dark and the soul is tired – when the air is cold and there is no warmth. You come to confess everything although you left me in a mess. I cleaned me up, I staggered gasping for air in this undying love that ached for you. Lovers came by but they had nothing on you – nothing on what you shared with me that day. Yes, I love you and always will. . And I’m glad you finally saw that wherever your heart is there your treasure will be also”

She turned to him, he leaned in to kiss her lips. As there lips touched the atomsphere swam around them, their spirits kindled and shook the universe. His heart connecting to the electricity of hers and the soul circulating into eachother created a magnetic force that vibrated to the street corners and the pathways – people were moved by this energy. Walkers by attracted to the light coming forth from the car. The both of them embracing eachother in that space, where they were beyond time.

He came home, he finally came home.

Yours Faithfully.

Dear Divine Masculine,

Open my heart . .

Look within – don’t worry it’s not a crime

neither a sin.

It’s beating – No longer for you but for us.

This crystal this diamond, this pure essence and sweetness that calls. . . Do you remember me? Do you remember she?

She has dug in her womb, finding eggs in her nest prepared to manifest and hatch into a free thinking abundant life.

I tip-toed waiting for You, eyes twitching – soul yawning – fingers typing away to the nervousness I felt in my Spirit. . .

Destination has arrived for me to go forward in this new dimension, I may find another who is willing to dig up this estoric wisdom and ignite it’s power within our DNA’s and I possibly may receive a visit from you in this life or maybe the next. . . Heal, Love & Forgive.

God is with you, you knew he came when you saw me.

Heal, Love & Forgive.

Abundance for us both . . .

We are balanced.

Light for you – thankyou for setting me free.


yours faithfully

Divine Feminine.

Do you Understand?

Never thought I would move on, this connection was real it was special but I’ve forgotten it now. I’m casting it aside, deleting it from my life. I’m saved from this helpless love, the ridiculous meaning of romance.

You come and offer me friendship. I won’t block you out, I won’t refuse you access to knowing me. . But my heart is sacred don’t try to enter something you do not understand?

If you do not understand, walk away.. right now.

If you do. . .

I’d prefer you to just look but not touch.

talk but don’t flatter me.

yes. .

my heart is sacred don’t try to enter something you do not understand.

My Kind Of Love

Its a potion, potent and healing..

It’s mystery wasn’t yet known until I opened my eyes.

This source embedded in I flowing in as a consuming fire.. roaring at the beat of my heart.

The ripples of water releasing a melody that soothes all insidious thoughts and brings to light the unformiddable truth.

The eagles wings flapping, its courage, bravery and hope beating in the echoes of the wind.

The soft tear that rolls on the sweet face of an innocent babe as it calls wondering who it is and where it is.

Dance, dance…Oh just dance with this sound..

The silence with-holds a sound that beckons in the Spirit deep within.

Knock, knock.. Oh just knock.. and swim through the opened door that dives in the vast sea of the living soul.

To hold, to cherish, to smile and in that you shall not perish. In the open, no fear to be closed because it only opens again in the house of the bold.

Red and blue the flames alight but now I’m blue because the pure is right. The flame wrapping and never ceasing to flicker.. spying on the view, heating up the new.

Look through my eyes, I have never departed

I had always been maybe you never understood…

My Kind of Love.