Over Again…

I should be truthful.

This place, this infinite movement of life – this existence in the spiritual essence of our natural beings is a blessing, a beauty far beyond rubies.

Somehow it’s like dancing in the air, gliding through the heavy petals of rain pounding on the sacred earth.

Somewhere in between this it hovers, it stares blamelessly – it laugh’s hysterically it talks to understand, to see you. . .it’s eyes wide open to SEE you. It’s embrace a different home than ever experienced, it’s hold a true comfort but a distant rememberance.

No’one would ever really satisfy this place, it’s hidden – a diamond in disguise, a rough but sharpened sword on the rock and gold refined in the fire.

Knowing this truth, shows me even the calms and pressures of Love is itself it’s own yearning for it’s own, own.

Yet so I wonder, only the presence and home of an ever-seeing and ever-present – eternal being-creator of all can really keep this secret place at an ease.

She ran because she knew it’s true power wasn’t of this world – she would hide and yet still fight. She then came out – and resulted to hiding once again.

All that came with the price of this . . .this precious gift that she shared within with God.. need she say anymore?

The gateways of a world that’s only destruction is to lie, steal, kill and destroy to pollute the beauty of the treasures created from inside.

I want to pull back, I want to avoid what some may not understand. I want to.. silently, with no words. I want to smile and then evaporate into the realities of light.

We all cried Love once.

We all thought somehow we would find it in another.

We all once, loved. . either in betrayal or in give or take.

I face it, another One.

I face it.

The sweat pouring from my head, the heat in my soul tickling my every part of my delicate body. Do you know this.. Spirit. I knew it, but it all came to hit me all again.

It came to show me all that I had to know. Too test all I were.

In a bubble of lies, a system of manipulation, a playground of hallucinations… yet I stare helplessly out the window…helplessly..

As Jesus soothes my strengthened heart – I ponder it all.

For all its worth, should he ever love me, should he even try,

could he ever really know.. would he ever really know.

For all its worth, they all came and saw scarecrows.

Yeah, look at me… go ahead, I know it’s your chance to see isn’t it.

The chance to see the InSane.

To watch it unfold before you

Over Again.

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The One III

It was meant to be continued..

perspective is everything.

You have to die to live. Grace is given for this, is it not.

This divine nature, this spiritual power this gift is the design in which we become one, in ourselves and with eachother.

Should I make it romantic, should cupid come out and point it’s arrow at me?

Should I catch butterflys, and then chase you around. . .or maybe, be hypnotized by you and lose my sanity?

We have choices, there is a will and there is a way.

I guess emotions somehow play a role in this discovery but they have no say on the outcome. The deepest self, the spirit is a lamp to God, searching through the inmost self and yes this part of our connection to the Supreme determines our outlook and our perception on the mysteries we find in the essence and presence of divine love.

A young woman as myself, in search of nothing but life and it’s fulfilling gifts, it’s treasures in Spirit in the mist of distractions and false concepts..

To tell the truth I once fell in the trap to the seed that was meant to destroy men. Yes, the good and evil – the serpent seed somehow tried to destroy my knowledge on Love – but it could not take away the God in me, the Christ in me.

The serpent was cursed, she was cursed and he was cursed, this whole order was corruption.

I was born on solid rock and found my way through life with the solid rock by my side. The whispers of the lies, that the serpent tried to feed me so it can take my seed and hallucinate me as one day I breed new borns in this world with no Godly character, instruction, foundation, education, and spiritual awareness of all in all – connected in One-ness of life..to have dominion in what God has given them. The lies wanted me to fall a victim to it, to become it. To run wild in romance, as I pondered on the special one, the one to sweep me away and even so to control how it would happen, to lead it to happen, to gain as much information to bring him to me. . .to think I could possibly be in the same lane as God is destruction. Oh how knowledge is deceptive.. to come out of your knowing-free and true in you-to be whipped by the illusions of love-the whisper of a lie, to turn the order into a mess.

She was decieved.

She needed to understand it was not her call to make decisions abruptly, for her own hidden agenda, she needed to have consent. With who?

The God who lives in her, and her submission is to God before any man but the gift of Men is the gift of seeing God alive in him, a head, a decision maker and one who brings his one and only in equal union with him.

She is subject to him and must pass everything to him to make an equal decision. I can’t know everything and I am not designed to lead in anyway that means calling the shots above a man, who do I think I am. Do I live ordained by man or by God. Divine love is the The Father, The Son & Holy Spirit alive and at work within him and me, our family and the home in which we choose to build.

To desire to know more than what has been allotted me will lead me in the hands of a lie, to stay one in the truth I already have within me and blossom with it inside my soul – surely will lead me to the all knowing prosperity from the Tree of Life. The Holy Spirit always spoke to me and showed me what I had to understand even when it hurt, we always keep learning and growing and I learnt when we are eager to love and to share ourself without truly knowing the full extent of Love in us, ascending through us and its true origin beyond us with all and in all – out of the universe – unmeasured – omni through what we cannot even begin to imagine, you will break down.. you won’t be strong because mens knowledge of Love is a deception, that will kill you. . only a man who holds that true love can die to live again.

True Love is found on the cross, implemented on one’s own relationship with the grace of God within their Spirit creating in them a better character, a new man, willing to walk in the full image of Love and share that relationship with someone else and the whole world.

The 2 become 1 is an act of sanctification, a will of a supreme power at work between a spiritual being and their creator.. the tree of good and evil to the tree of life, making love through the pain.. the pain we all choose because we live blind to the truth.. even so this same act of sanctification as shown between 2 individuals who have seen the mercy, forgiveness and love from their creator must show it towards one another – the sacred out of this world love but enters in us because it’s imprint is still with us, by us, guiding us.

God is Our Sacred source – He is the head – She is his side.

Now the origin of the truth can manifest and their home be blessed.

She must lean on God, for God is her sword, her meekness, her submission, her authority, her strength – making her an equal heir to this gift of life, alongside the precious man in whom pursues her.

Her Love is an anchorite.. the man whose Spirit has returned to it’s true knowledge of its fruitfulness and his leadership, and his essence empowered by the Love from the heavens can only capture her.

The One is in all who have found the true One within them.

The Tree Of Life.



We knock on it’s door everyday and it awaits our call.


Two Become One.

I’m going to make a cappucino, would you like one too?

What is done for me is done for you..

What is this whole two become one life?

We are sepearte identites but One in Spirit, mind, heart, and

I guess our souls intertwine too right. . .For better and for worse.

Selfishness is just not what works with us.

Honesty is everything, Loyalty well thats the package with Love isn’t it. . . should you even have to question my loyalty?

Trust – that can get broken but with forgiveness there are steps that can be implemented so we can regain that back in eachother. . it may not be easy but it can be done.

Patience – without the ability to wait through lifes difficult moments together in hope and faith.. how can we ever know the quality of our hearts as one?

Joy – we share the joys of life, the smiles, jokes, and the deep knowing that I am yours and you are mine. Our Joy that God is our foundation in all and through all – he is our truth and there ain’t nothing but his unconditional-infinite love within us.

We ought to be fair with one another, and to endure the storms, rains and winds of life together, no matter the cost.. The gift in grace.

Envy can’t be a part of our home.

Jealousy will only destroy what we build.

We ought to respect eachother, never disregarding eachother as non-worthy of having any input in decision making or any relevance to eachothers lives in any way.

We don’t have to boast, humility is our clothes – if you want to joke with me then i’m willing to listen to your boastful comments – I’m more than ready to tickle you.

Its not about me

Its not about you

Its about We.

I must do unto you as I’d like done unto me.

I must take care of you as I would take care of me.

I must not think of me but I must think for us as one.

Are you not free?

Are you not able to live your life.

Yes, you may. Though I’d like you to be with me all the time –

I understand that sometimes you would want to hang out with your buddies. Can you tell me the truth of where you are in fact?

Can you be 100% naked?

Even if it was the worst situation could you

trust me enough to tell me everything.

Do I not support you and you me.

We must admit to our faults and failures yes, but can we not build eachother to stand back up again even when we fall.

Speaking life, living a humble and meek life.

We are eachothers peace.

I am for you.

Are you for me?

I am for us.

Are you for us?

Lets put it on the table, lets work this out,

I have mercy on you and you me.

Let me not run from our issues, why discuss it with others – can we not solve it together?

Are you not my lover, my comrade for life, my teacher too.

I may be a little nonchalant in certain ways but i’ll always be willing to listen to you.. I am you and you me.. we are one.. I can’t ignore your part of me. It will only hurt us.

Can we pray about situations?

Even read the word together?

Can we sit down in silence together .. not saying anything without you feeling distant.

Can you hold me sometimes and just stroke me, no words..

Just show me your affection. . .Let me know you want me as I want you.

Be with me, ride with me, don’t be scared.. We ain’t perfect but we will get there.

I want to hold you in ways you have never known – to let you know I’m you.. I want me to know this.

Can you really take us. You know us. Don’t run from us.

Melt in it with me and I melt with you.

So what if they mis-understand us.

We understand us. Inside.

That’s all that matters.

You’ll carry my babies, I’ll feed with the bottle when your asleep sometimes.

I want to create with you.

You want to create with me.


A Love which is more than a fantasy – it is Alchemy.





Our divine sacred marriage of our beings before the Unseen Creator of Life, The Eternal One.

We become One Body, One Mind, One Soul, One Existence.

The Univeral flow from the Divine one being unlocked between us both – Our DNA being made anew through this





The Two become..


Sick With Love

Run away…

 sick with Love.

 Run away…

 sick with Love.

The lilies and the daffodills are waving

But there are only tears,

sick with Love.

As the sun, as the rain, and the wind.. sick with Love.

What is to be done?

A scream..

To hide?

Take the gun and suck this life.

Sick with Love.

A naked body is aching, heart is melting.. it is melting till its no more.

Smile is a Scarecrow once again.

Stare limitless crawling in with the atomsphere it has no end.

Why Love. Why torture. Why the pains. Just to hold and slip away, never truly slipping.. always here, always near.

Suffocating strength as weakness.

Wheres home, one belongeth where?

Why Love why do this.. bleeding tears.

Mad.. No.  A dam..neither.

An overflow, an ocean.. so why must one drown.

Why swim endlessly in One. . and yet drown.

Is there courage to save?

Desiring this madness, love.

To watch the madness. Its happened already, Its been done. What more do you want from one?

What more.

One like smoke in the air, one is but a mist.

What are you looking for love.

What do you ask of one.

You’ve taken over, made one a fool too many times. Yes, and one even walked away from you. . but you kept calling back, Love.

You resurrect one time and time again.

Forever keep travelling, keep reliving. . even when Life tries to dis-own one, one keep’s living. This cannot perish, one is held flying, wings floating in the sky.. eye on fire light in one’s world over-powering the darkness.


Sick with Love but standing un-moveable, un-shakeable and will not resist.

Sick with Love.




Forbidden to Understand – Understood to be Forbidden.

The madnesses of the mind is a truly strange predicament.

The hallucinations of reality is a wise prophet.

Love is mysterious there and disappearing.

With you and seeming away.

Yes.. Love walks in darkness and light.

Sees evil, and looks straight at it smiling.

Love knows its enemies but yet still dances in the mist of its war.

Knows it’s friends, teaches and escapes.

Longs for us but is hidden in itself expressing through means of Art and poetry – Untold stories and silence.

If love can make you war against you and drive you to insanity for your sanity.. to detach from insanity,

Love itself is the cause of our deception and the saviour of perception.

– Elle Christ 💛

Daughters of the Land

They walk along curved hips, straight hips. . big tummy, petite tummy.. smooth breasts..Large or small.. rounded as pears, and different shape lips. Hair loose, Hair stood tall. Eyes looking.. Eye for all.

Some smile, some expressionless and others show themselves to be potent. Different color shades all in which makes my tired eyes smile.

Yes, sisters of nations how tender and sweet thou is. . how beautiful you are sunshine.. Oh all these women who carry their world.

Toddlers follow behind as a mother pushes the pram in a mellow mood, sisters running along the streets chasing her brother screaming “I’m going to get you”. Young girls skipping along staring – excited by life.

Elder women chitter chattering about the significant news of yesterday, the gossip of tomorrow. Young ladies conversing on the topic of young men – their joys and their foolery. Young women in short dresses and flip flops skipping through the town, flowing robes and heels knocking on the concrete floor, make up lavishly illustrated on correctly.. beauty being revealed as men watch and stare.

Daughters of the Land we see you.

Gathered around the bbq, the sweet aroma of perfume.. women drinking glasses of wine speaking on the lovers lost, the ones to whom they have given their heart and the jokes of the past. Men are welcome to their parties but some avoid – Daughters of the Land why?

Have you made them fear you. . Have you chased them away. Have you conquered there games and so they are ashamed?

Daughters of the Land . . Have you become like they, dominating your own field so they fear and stay at bay.

Daughters of the Land, Zion looks upon you.. she wonders in her Spirit.. she see’s herself in you – yet she’s always walked alone.

Zion see’s your beauty, her eyes may scare your calm yet don’t be alarmed Oh sister.. she carries a pure heart its a song in the air.

She only wants to tell you how wonderful you are, Zion will not hurt you .. she’s a twinkle that will caress your star.

Daughters of the Land. . .

Zion is really near, when she appears don’t judge.. don’t try to create an atomsphere of fear.

Her eyes are like fire, her soul a living bride, her body covered in roses. . . tender sweet light.

Onycha, Onycha. . . Intra pulchra flos hortum meum. .

Yes the flower garden is arising for us all to be charmed. Silence oh silence, no words Zion says ..but the language of her body will make you all desire to be like men.

Onycha, Onycha. . . Intra pulchra flos hortum meum. .

This is a kingdom armed.

This is a glory charged.

Daughters of the Land – we may seem different you and me. . but we are quite alike.

We only differ for I carry a hidden book, a mystery.. a key .. the treasury of The Eternal Spirit – that governs my life inside.. The Immortal part of me.

Onycha, Onycha. . . Intra pulchra flos hortum meum. .

Daughters of the Land, Zion has come.. yes. . she has come. . .take her hand.

We have come.

6 x 2

Faint memories,

returning to our soul.

An opened you in the mist of your whole.

Running away from the feel,

it is extremely real.

Trying to cut off the ties but when you try..

you both feel the bite.

You’ve been trying to forget,

moving on is best, but your locked in it

You’ve merged with it.

It should of never happened, what did you see. .

Hypnotized by the sea.

now it haunts him like it haunts her.

They make it out to seem bad, but it should be

something great. . everytime we want it all to

disappear our heart aches.

It should of never happened, it was a mistake

but the atomsphere was true .. it was fate.

It could be changed, you both could escape. .

force it out of you. . and discontinue with the

game? Its not a game though isit, it’s the

truth in you both. . 6 x 2.

She’s mad he’s caught her, shes roaring. . fire in her eyes. . she’s forced to put down her guard. She’s roaring deep down, heavy groans of life, the pants of breath. . fighting with the feel – no words left to say.. he has her tamed.. now she must obey. He found her, She knew.. He knew. Now all she has left is her eyes sparkling in full effect.

He’s subtle in his approach knowing one wrong move will make him bite his ownself and she will be let loose. He’s been watching her . .waiting to spin himself around her.. He must capture her. He already wrapped her through his eyes, he’s controlled her through her mind and now he wants to claim her in the daylight. This could be dangerous, this could go wrong. He knows she’s lethal, soft, and discreet.. he’s seen a part of the heart of her love . . Immortal.. this is no dream. It won’t die, he knows and for this he needs the power of her inner light to be able to help him build his Spirit in this drive. She holds vital information, she is his bone, she is his flesh. . But it is a mystery to why she will not allow herself to be seen by him, even though he see’s.

They are both back in the garden but now they’re hiding from eachother not knowing they are looking through eachother. The One, The Highest. . the Ultimate One observes them both. . from his throne.

Bone of My Bone

Flesh of my Flesh


Our One True Love ❤

I want you to be smiling. . .

I want you to be blue. .

merry and enjoy your life. .

my wish from me to you.

This is all I’ve ever wanted for you..

Yes this is true.. but words couldn’t explain..

the best way I knew how to.

The truth is I really do care

and had never forgot –

but lifes mystery is a story that was shot.

My own madness was an impulse

never truly understood, but when I ran away

it had done me no good.

I’ve learnt to face what I feel and accept it as it is, faith had always been my friend..my secret home in bliss. The love I have inside is something so strong, hidden very quietly.. discreet like my songs. Its too passionate, it overwhelms me so I’d rather stay away. . .

then watch myself melt in you and get thrown in a cage. I love you from a place that even I don’t know, it speaks to my heart and lingers in my soul. Yes i’m a lover of words and deep they are to me.. but when it comes to you inside I feel a sacred serenity.

I want you to be smiling. . .

I want you to be blue. .

merry and enjoy your life. .

my wish from me to you.

Never ever forget the One up above..

The Master Of Life. . .

Our One True Love 💜

Preston 9 – Prince of Zion – Lovers Ocean.

Laying on the sea bed, she looks into the waters and see’s his image appear before her..

Her Lover, her heart beats.. his face staring right through into her.. She smiles..and kisses his forehead.. looking at his reflection she utters. . .

You have waited to hear my speech Prince..now listen.

Preston Prince of Zion – The Woman who bore you is blessed, she who concieved a handsome palm tree that stands

as a warrior in the desert – O what a happy mother she must be.

Thy Sweet love.
Your body seduces my naked heart.. your delicate brown skin glistens as the cocoa pod hanging from the mystic tree, ready to burst and reveal its treasury.

Your eyes a sanctuary, I find my protection in your reflection. . my soul is triggered by your blues, your mystery. Many women desire you but do they see the depth of your spirit anchored in a hidden power? You are an exquisite gem in the Island of paradise your body a pavillion for this warm ecstatic source that lingers within you.. a torch that lights up my world. If they saw your tender heart, invincible..one who does not die but is immortal. .they would cry. O Yes, you are an erection of the stars, the galaxy, the heavens and earth combined with the divine..

O Prince of Zion, how your soul calls to me and I long to lay by you ..watching your spirit breathe slowly as a baby suckling on her mothers breast. There is none like you. .

What man carries your spiritual stature – you are an Emperor ruling and governing a nation in fierce compassion, you are a leader understanding the primary seasons of change, echoing your wisdom in silence.

Prince of Zion .. many want you but I long to stare into your eyes and run my hands all over your diamond skin, whispering in your ears, to feel your soul come alive. . as our lips hug and you gasp your breath in my breath.


In your priceless testicles lies a nation of people built for unlimited knowledge, ancient wisdom with the heart of fearsome warriors.

As the lilies grow in the fields and the hibiscus twirls in the sunlight such is your smile a melting of my heart.

I’ve seen your inner smile.. we are One and you are beautiful my prince, there is none but you..

None but YOU.

As the tears roll from her eyes..the sea waves bring his Spirit closer to her, she closes her eyes. . and murmers in his ears,

We are Life, and you are Love descended from the Lifegiving Spirit. I am you and you are me.

Can you hear me, Prince.

O Prince of Zion my heart for you bleeds.. my heart for you bleeds. .

In this Lovers Ocean.

Penelope 8 – The Starlike Beauty Of Immortal Eyes

Is anybody there? Can anybody hear her?

Shes not lost.. but. . . . is anybody there?


O’ How thee is a beauty, such beauty bestowed within her eyes. . . immortal eyes.

Ignorant her eyes had been in seeing the suitors who longed for her as true. . yes her ignorance made her a fool for these unfortunate butterflys we call feelings.

She felt she became a peasent the moment she allowed her delicate soul to intertwine with the romance of her heart. .but this was the beginning of her wealth.

They longed her to be true to express this depth. . . this creed that lingered with her Immortal eyes.

Verily verily, she had cried out,

“I have shown it, I have proved it.. Can’t you see. . . look in me.. can’t you see”

Explaining was a thing of the past, perceiving was what masters believed would reach senses deeper than her immortal eyes. . or maybe not percieving would touch her strong and bold heart? Though the stars and the universe was somehow embedded through the windows to her soul.. through the journey through the galaxies she transformed into the sea, arose from the dust, beckoning the fierce rivals of the wind. . . blinding the mind with the unenviable scorch of the sun.

They couldn’t enter her web even if they tried. She would disappear even though she was near. Though she may try to howl in the darkness of night and chirp in the bright sunrise for the one whom was possible of stealing her heart. . . she still ran, tears unfathomable, epic ..soft ..gentle as she stared helplessly at her.

Could love ever be her love, beloved and loved. Two wings of her own became one.

Yellow curtains, red chair, purple roses flying through the air as she danced naked around the white room. . . the suitors who longed for her watched in astonishment. Her fantasy led her to marry her ownself.. though she felt her body she stood still, in the mirror she stared at her naked self and smiled . . . her imagination was her lover, her imagination her soul mate. 5 suitors stood staring.. peculiar much? They longed to touch her but did not quite know how. . this Love was not quite what they had seen..it was archaic.. it wasn’t that simple. . They each discussed who would make the first move but ONE kept staring his eyes never blinking, he watched her dancing naked with his eyes wide open.

Wide eyed child – she saw him.

“Come and play” she smiled

“I’m to shy” he said looking away..

“Do thou desirest me or are you too another pagan?” her eyes staring straight at him.

He glared at her,

“I longeth to hold you my dearest, you are my star girl. . I see you”

As he stood up the suitors stood by him bowing at his courageous decision, they were taken away by her passion and were not ready to take on the intense power of it. They left them both in the room. The young man removed his clothes slowly looking at her, she stood still facing the mirror on her wall.. he walked behind her and looked at their reflection.. she looked down at her hands, he took her head and lifted it.

“Forsooth, you are my beloved and you are loved, I am your beloved and I am loved. Let me feel your skin soften against mine, let me kiss your soft lips and cradle you”

As they both stood naked..he turned her head and kissed her lips, her neck and her hand.

She turned her body towards him and leaned in close, they both felt everything and the power and feeling had consumed them, their souls gasping for more life as they cradled eachother. . . moments went by and as his heart began to beat in sync with hers, as he began to feel her within him.. as she melted into him his eyes closed over taken by the ecstasy of her love.

A powerful wind swirled around them…

He quickly opened his eyes and she was no longer there, she disappeared . . . He looked to and fro in the room and then opened the window.. there she was laughing, screaming and shouting as white roses fell from the sky and she was taken up by golden chariots to a new world, a better world in which only she knew where she was going.. and where she longed for him to meet her.

“Immortal eyes” he yelled ..anguish in his face.

Where are you going!?!

She looked at him elegantly as she jumped on the golden chariot, as the horses snuffled and kicked the air

“My heart of hearts, my wide eyed prince.. I sought you and awaited this moment. For you held me and rocked me as your own. We both have been a Mage, we both have skipped in our maze but now i’m going to my imaginery land.. I am not hiding, I am dancing naked in my land with you.. You may not remember that place but I do – until then i’ll always hold onto you.. maybe you’ll just slip away once again my soul.. but I fear not for I am Immortal – CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.. she screamed her soft voice echoing as the horses galloped in the sky – her eyes transfixed on him.. She whispered..

“Catch me if you can”.

In that sudden moment the force of his Spirit lifted him off the ground and drove him to the heavenly of heavenlies searching for her essence..

Immortal Eyes.

Is anybody there? Can anybody hear her?

Immortal Eyes.