The Core.

Surprisingly, it’s all flown.

What does one have to do despite the mysteries having been witnessed, maybe hallucinated and dissolved from within.

Timeless is one’s own call, it is not as abstract as I thought.

How can one come to a clear conclusion of the endeavours of life’s tests, experiences and trials.. everyday is a battle, right?

To love a man or a woman is beyond the battles of the physical, it is the spiritual warfares – the hardships we deal with in our secret places. . this shows us the essence of the might, the might which moves in the mist of the breath. Holding one another is the true empowerment of life, selfless it all is.. sacred too is it’s mystery.

Escaping this truth is impossible, it is the constant path of every soul who desires to awaken.. testing his waters, either drowning him completely or merely rocking his boat.

I’ve not to mention the rather bizarre findings in this journey, it some-what baffles me that i’m climbing this mountain, lighter and lighter it will be. As I continue to press on.. someone else climbs with me – the mountain disappears and all that is left is us. . . Us gliding in the air.

The air being all that we wonder, all we ever seem to think about, all we hope for even through silences and unspoken words. How can one say it’s deep, it’s surely not seen but hey! We just cannot talk nonsense, it wouldn’t make sense because we are seeing such wonders, present daily. . . feelings surveying the all.

So many questions but no answers, why answer. There is no answer but the learning of your own word springing from you, your divine search distributing it’s rightful worth within you and out from you.

It’s not lullabys, or smiles… laughters or kisses.. what is there?

Singing, hugs, empty emotions or full ones. The dull robotic face maybe or the over exaggerated character.

Why bother, why try and expand it in cultures.. why murmur on about these different parts of all there is, why dance with the devilish anthom of a systematic structure. Why wave at the kings and queens of society, who in all they do pave a delusion. Why be stuck into this play – Hello, Hi.. Ok.. Goodbye.

Beautiful, handsome.. strong .. fit.. ugly.. tall.. short… rich & poor. Well it’s all a dynamic factor of life that these effect the masses on scales that have no weights.. You decide the weight by your attention.

From what I know the world is already judged, humanity has chosen it’s lot by all the choices it’s been given. Don’t think I’m suggesting you do as you please, wisdom recognizes that principles of a lawless society means freedom is a pledge of justice – not of a undisciplined thug.

Being out of the world means your not actually judged .. your assessing what is judged already, allowing yourself to comply with the treasure.. the treasure residing in the art of life. Outcast you may be, alone, and pretty much in a different orbit but you discern the faculties of yourself.

Soul mates, Twin souls, Lovers all of these sweet mysteries of something one creates in his pursuit of the Alpha and the Omega. The great hunt for the flowing waters of life from the passing insight of one’s own self.

She desires you to stay with her.

He desires you to empower him.

She desires you to hold her.

He desires your unseen touch.

She desires your endless words.

He desires your silent inner stewardship of his secrets.

The company of a dilemma that is the cry within yourself. . the potent core, heal me.. heal me.. i’m healing others but heal me.

Life, somehow bestows upon us the choices that it knows we are blinded to see that healing others in the inputs of ourselves within others exchanges ourselves for another.

Can I keep myself? Do I disappear? Where do I go?

You stand aloof in this daydream, tugging to the pearl of existence – identity being it’self misled by the idea’s of men.

We are not soul mates, or twin souls.. we are Life.

We embody what we later come to understand, when we are met face to face with the lure we all know disguises itself as either a part of us, the world or what is closest to us.

Surely, you would demonstrate it all by saying, pain allows us to understand, experience, the travel of life.. etc.

No, these things are an imagination. . it is appearing to be a dream, passing through the mind and embodied in the natural and so extending a storyline that in fact has no value. . value meaning if it is of one’s own choice here.. well he is judged already for what it appears to be.

If it is of a spiritual value, and therefore assessed in Spirit then it outweigh’s all judgement here and can be seen clearly for what it is.

What do I do, I somehow have seen that all things have great depth and yet all things have not the slightest clues of how shallow minded they can actually seem in the eyes of superficialities. . nature talks, animals convey an expression which is a metaphor for people. . not all people understand the metaphors because they are assessed in the degree of the circulating world.

Many men, many thoughts.

Will you always be a child, yes. The child will never go away, it can be stolen but it never perishes for the child is not just a child but it is the seemingly innocent of heart.

Be not fooled by the fluctuous patterns of humanity, it is an act they all portray and yet never understand why.

They are all eating at eachothers core, even the most silent ones. This is the nature of our sin, to consider yourself anything apart from who you stem from. . we cannot play the child forever, soon that innocence must grow into depth – and that depth is the building of another who needs to be held.

I can be your mother, I can be your sister, I can be your brother, I can be your friend . .  I can be all. Taking it all away doesn’t mean I can. . it just means it is established as it is despite what is displayed as or not. Thinking to do what you want? *smiles*

The heavens way up high, where the angels dwell in harmony. . .yes they observe our nature and are amused, and shocked.. and wonder in amazement how humanity still filters in the foolish sights of what is empty.

Common sense should allow man to depict from himself what reality is within his own self. None other ..but you.. are your own core, the mis-interpretations of our mind is the devilish lure to steal our identity to take one’s creative ability and damage one’s sense of self.

Any man who longs to eat another core is one lost in his own damnation, one who upholds another or uplifts another core is the carrier of the blessed magnificent – the sensei of earths tribulations.

I look at you, and you look at me – you don’t see anything – thats the honest truth. What you see could be a lie, but thats the assumption of the hidden lie within you.

The silence observes you, as you long to give all unto it because you are it’s all. Pushed away and present.

To go on would be a graft.

Delicate, Firm, Persistant, Soveriegn & Sacred.

The Core.











The learning of her language is unorthodox, a premature end to society conformity.
Long ago when the winds of sobriety were the echoes of her soul she stood among a world of hallucinations.
Unable to prescribe her own self medication she plastered her sores in the name of dedication, she squeezed the pain of her bruises in the knowing of God.. yet still the distant future beckoned for the warfare of Life or death.
The Supreme in all, had come in the wings of the heavens and flew upon her tired and sacred essence in which she called out to the Almighty. She raised her voice to the highest heavens where the Messiah was listening to her melody so tender, so true.
How he sent the divine pouring of his mercies upon her, a friend in which the Father and the word manifest itself in her presence.
Teaching her the details of Life, the opening and closing of doors.. the weaknesses and strengths of ones own core.
Her questions continued, her stare searched her surroundings.. she was on the higher planes of consciousness scoping what she never thought her mind could. How the divine showed her many revelations and yet still she had no clue the ultimate Love she would have to embody the truth she would have to become. Her enemy envious of her sought every way to bring her high into captivity, and so latched onto her through frequent visits to her mind.. the use of other humans to discourage her from the path and steal her energy. She endlessly knocked on the doors of heaven fascinated by the divines beauty and her search for a world outside of this humanity! She was not of this world, she could not adjust to it.. neither was it easy to live as a human when deep down she knew .. somewhere in her.. she was distant, her land not being here but elsewhere.
Lovers couldn’t understand her, and she was yet to comprehend the parts of herself she had not grasped.
Oh’ Soul mate, the whole and the part .. the crys of the heart.. she wondered helplessly.. undergoing challenges..
until she bumped into a familiar face and the reverse psychology of the prince of the air forced her to relive an existence past and she drowned into the invisible man, as the whisperer mis-used her power to dominate her authority and re-instate her emotions at the forefront of her being. The illusion left her in a perplex condition meaning that all that would take place would somehow be a trance, if she awoke then The Almighty had a greater sovereign plan ahead with the divine part of itself given unto her. If she stayed asleep unable to war and arise from the unfortunate stupor she was bound to the underworlds and left to swim in the endless pools of torment and suffering. Oh how the underworld had prepared for the war, she had seen glimpses of this war coming but she was not prepared for the serpents manipulation to derange her pure intented heart in the name of love.
She discovered many arts, and knowledge, falsness and insights .. portals and hidden secrets in which led her into a darker pool awaiting the bite. One sunny and random day she bumped into a simular face, she recognised him and she felt his heart.. this spiralled her mind out of control once the bite had taken place.. she howled in the dark of night and smiled in the day. She was in his spell and she had to come out!!!

The Divine One, merciful and true saw her losing herself.. yet still she never let go of the divine truth. She steadfastly continued on holding onto The One in which she had promised never to allow anything or anyone to take away from her. Angels were in her mist as she warred day and night, months she weeped..she continued knocking. The Almighty knew she would escape this horrific plight if she studied herself and continued holding on. During the studies she recognized her suffering, her pains, the truth.. she fell in love and she had to journey back to her inmost self.

This was a touching story. . where the storms of life began earlier and silently continued to creep on her. Diligently keeping her vows to God she never let go of his word that . . .

brought life to her quiet and old soul, her joyful and free spirit & her simple heart.

This young She was extraordinary in her inner being and yet still she never saw just how beautiful she really was.
Somehow all she desired was the mysterious winds of truth and unconditional love to create a new earth, a new heaven for not only her but all she would come to meet.

She wanted God to rule humanity once again and freedom to be for all men, to return to the knowing of the supreme.. And oh how she longed for the true lover of her soul to melt his Spirit into her own and to infuse his love within her – When the thrones of the heavens would bless a sacred union promised from long ago to both wondering souls questioning the quest of life.

She, well…. She who was.. and is.. and is to come.. is in He and He carried her whilst she beheld the sacred rebirth of her truth in the divine.

The delight of The Sovereign Creator was soon to appear that whomever beheld He would be transformed as a blink of an eye.

Yes, She had only just begun and how the rain and treasures of the heavens would come pouring upon her and all the beloveds of the land.

She was the one they never noticed, the one they always looked past.. The One who held on to eternal Love.

Divine Love

I know you believe in us.
I know you believe in we.
God created us both to be together to share
our inner depth as one.
I will never be ashamed of sharing the deepest parts of myself to you, I cannot be.
You have shaken my core and vibrated the holy light of truth in me. We have shared an intimate revelation of our hearts.
You are the sacred key of my millennium, I am the secret door to your portal – with our shared breath we inhabit the existence of the ancient and eternal One, the Lifegiving being in whom all Life was created.
I will not lose my Love for you soul, my wandering beauty and my heart. You are the helper in whom Life promises the questioning man who desires his hidden particles of longing to intersect with another.. that closeness and fire that is stimulated by both souls heading into the unseen places where only God can see. The nothingness in which we inhale and exhale and passion becomes our signature of creation.
You are immortality in the Holy Spirit and with this divine providence we are together in a covenant which is everlasting – we both share the eternal life – and in this we glide through every special gift The Father shows us in which we share in eachother and with eachother, the things unfathomable, unheard of our sweet intimate secrets.
You need not fear and neither I for when we are One and the same we are in the picture of Gods frame.. an art penetrated from the soul and dwelled within his word. My All, in whom life promises me my reflection.. my part, I cannot help but tell you I love you.
I love you, effortlessly, emotionally, soulfully, spiritually, mentally, bodily & Lifely.
For what God formed was for us to unite in his heart and not our own, his sanctuary and his throne being not of this world but out of it.
You will not be shocked at my intimacy, you will not push me away.. you will pull me in and encourage me to dwell within that place for it belongs to The Father and he has been known to me, my gift with you. I am honoured to be yours and blessed to recieve you divine part of I.

       My eternal and infinite love.

                    We have always belonged together.

        Gods Love is Our Love..One.

The Enchanted Seers

The sun circled there beautiful brown skin, as they lay in the room, on the king size bed wide awake by the sounds of the chirping birds.

“Touch me” she said.

He turned to his right side and she turnt to her left.. they both stared at eachother. He pulled her in close.. her cute rounded breasts pointing through her silky vest. He leaned his forehead into hers, and closed his eyes.. they both were breathing heavy.

“I can’t” he said as he continued to breathe, much deeper.

She kissed his lips, and he melted his into hers slowly.. the heat of the sun reflecting in the window revealed two naked spirits intoxicated by eachothers souls. He let go of her lips, both of them panting heavily.

“Why” she asked.

“I might drown” he whispered staring into her eyes.. his brown pupils enlarged as his essence was a handsome aroma of truth.

“Why will you drown” she replied taking her hands and tracing her fingers around his ears, behind his neck…

“Because.. well.. uh” he looked away, only too look at her again. “You’ve been woven into me  and I’m warped into you.. to touch us, to touch you….i’ll never.. I won’t..I don’t know..”

He bent in to kiss her, his lips hanging onto hers as he breathed heavy.. she felt his phallus, strong and firm but her Spirit had no care for it only for him.. the him she saw, the part she held on to, he was a sacred gift in her eyes. Her hands stroking his neck, as his body hovered onto her sideways.

“If I drown.. would I be able to swim?” he asked her stroking his nose against hers, both there breaths becoming one motion while there hands locked together.

“Do you want to swim?” this was her response.. staring into his being and he staring into hers. . both of them still – only quiet breaths being past between them. His eyes were so sweet as they glistened into her own wide eyed glance, little did she know she was already drowning but somehow ..she found oxygen in the drown.

“I want to drown with you” He said honestly.
“I want to breathe with you under the ocean, in the nothingness, in the dark and light.. I want to fly with you – even if we can’t find our wings we can create them ourselves.. or maybe we could flap our arms” he smiled digging his head into her neck.

She giggled, wrapping her arms around his upper body.

“I want to drown with you too, I want to sail with you and observe the starry skies in you & I” .. he kissed her neck.. she panted
“I want to soar in the wind and be your calm, I want to soothe you.. I want to see you relaxed and happy.. I want you to drown so you fully feel your gift as much as I feel mine with you”

He looked up at her, his hands slowly reaching into her top and fondling her breasts.. she smiled, so did he. He kissed her again, saying. .

“You touch me in places unseen, that no one can see but only what I feel buried deep in me.. my touch with you is the same but I feel our fire.. our waterfall, our tsunami..and words cannot even express how it makes me feel”

He let go of her breasts and pulled her on top of him.. her legs rested between his waist.. she bent in to kiss his neck, his cheeks.. his lips and he held her tightly. They breathed in sync, all they felt were beyond their physical that nothing could be further from the truth than the longing of who they saw in eachother. His eyes closing, and so was hers as there forheads touched.. he let out a strong moan and she sighed into his breath, there spirits began to dance in ways they had never experienced as they were still.. the atomsphere became them. There whole being consumed the entire room, as his hands weakened from around her and her legs softened from his waist.. there souls lingered above there bodies and they drowned into the invisible.

There was no sound but feelings and pouring of every emotion possible an intimate deep orgasm of chemistry from out of the flesh and out of this world.. a place that brought elements of themselves into a new territory that they found in there secret chambers. He swam into her and she him.. the swirls of the unseen the lightening flashes of their inner worlds embarking a mystery they didn’t desire to let go of.

In an instant, a huge wind and light dissolved them back into there bodies and they both stared into eachother.
He gently removed her from his waist taking off his pyjamas and underwear, and he slowly removed her vest and shorts.
They kneeled on the bed, facing eachother..bare and open.. he held her face in his hand while she had her hand on his heart..

He leaned in again.. and taking her lips into his own, he followed his hands on the outline of her body.. he kissed her breasts, her thighs, her arms and her neck.. and then her forehead..

Looking into her eyes he said,

“You are my life, my love … and words will never express how I deeply feel for you – only my Spirit and you know him.. you understand him.. I love you”

She looked up at him tenderly, and hugged him.. there chocolate bodies glued together.

The sun reflecting on there naked bodies the world moved on by, there love held on to wondering rhymes of there inner beings.

The enchanted seers.

Wild Imaginations

To daydream, to desire you..
has been misleading for somewhere
it is all not true. . it’s the elements of love
seeking one to hold and be held.
To allow the lucid mind to develop a
feeling that in darkness arouses the
bodies innocent dance . . .
this is manipulation, this a foolish dream.
Why must passion consume a soul?
Why must longing delude the mind?
We play with the particles that trigger
our longing – we foolishly submit to the
lusts of the mind & weakness of the body.
We allow the soul to be possessed by the fuel
of the mind unseen, the game of thrones. . and secret shadows.
I’m tired of these wild imaginations…
these triggers that send lightening vaults
through my body. My love is not one to
keep me in imaginations, to keep me in
deadly sensational feels where
to believe in other dimensions my secret love desire is rocking my body.
To long for a man to love me & me him has been my hearts woo.
O Holy & Sacred vow of spiritual love,
O Home of the secrets unheard of that reveals  our wild imaginations.. the soul..some thoughts
projected and manipulated into our brains..
and others we feel willfully dancing with the devil,
creating scenes in which forfeit our souls
to the naked growls of demons, who long
to suck our energies.
Holy One, save my soul from it’s delusions,
rescue my one life I have from its own pit
of passion.
Love is stronger than death.. Passion a
dangerous flute, melodic but consuming every
possible cell of a being in its fiery disease
To Love is the ark of all possible worlds..
all longings and passions and desires,
understood and become the silent echoe
of our being.. washed ashore to a new place. Again & Again.. returning
to that new world, releasing the dove to find us a new land, where we are but the whispers of the wind, and the deluded serpent is crushed
with the art of Gods ever gracious words of divinity gliding our soul and commanding the vicious wild imaginations to be banished into the abyss and locked away, awaiting its ultimate destruction as the divine returns to each of us, reviving our immortality in it’s most holy graces.


You caress me, your arms cradling me.

I am but a flower between your legs,

an ointment you rub all over your body.

You rock me, you are then still.

You glimpse all around.. seemingly dull

but expression is within you. . .

not one that need be provoked.

I feel you, you are those eyes I saw long before..

in the darkness of night staring,

in the moonlit sky . . . I pondered through you.

I saw your oval eyes, my eyes flickering..

in shock of you. You did not seduce me, neither did you

bring fear into me.. I felt you gliding through me,

and your stare pierced my spirit.

You have penetrated yourself in me, but gladly

so it was a matter of my own longing to …

sense all that you were.

Although dark shadows may be in the mist of

the hallucinary world, your light preserved

the ancient convenant in which, allows

one to dwell in your sacred heart.

O’ how you hold me, and create in me such marvels

of your eternal law – The highest of all, governer of

humanity. O’ art thou great, Heavenly One.. supreme

in all your ways. The beating of the heart, the river of tears,

the smile of many.. you are but such tender, grace unseen

fighting forces that prevent us from the experience of,

your ever consuming, passionate and fire breathing love.

You do not burn me, you have washed me.. although testing me like gold in the furnace.. you have washed me over in your words of affection.

Heavenly Father, Yahweh.. the impregnable force of all in whom call on you. Creator, Life and Word in which echoes such guidance to our beings – what is man but a puff of wind.

In whom idea’s and wonders flow.. it creates such a merry feel.. these ideas. One doesn’t desire to move away from it, but somehow it must or it will be swallowed in a blur not quite recalling itself.

You, Giver of destiny have demonstrated such tremondous valour in your creation, never giving up or flinching at the slightest of your enemies. You have fought for your stand in the mist of the lures of many traps set. The spirits you.. heavenly one have formed, yes we have tripped..and have weighed much within ourselves and in doing so we have sought outside not in the giver but in the terror, in the counter-feits, in the fleeting.

You, O Heavenly One, you laugh on your throne knowing how absurd we have all been. How even the dark shadows and the crooked demon forces have been such fools in there ways knowing that they themselves are quite frankly dead.

So we question, why must we be taken away and then how is life given unto us. Your mystery foretells itself in the most grandest power unfathomable to our very own selves. Outside the world, the planets and of space … residing in the deepest parts of the deep where you are as you are, and in all we spring from returning to places only you have allowed us to know. The secrets of a home we embed in you.

God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob.

Longevity in those in whom their life is of great reverance and such amour of your wonders.

Blessed be To The Father Of All, AbbA, Blessed be to you The One – O my soul!




Dear Love

Dear Love,

   I have come to know you more and more, you are endless, free and childlike in nature. You are special and I haven’t been fully honest with you. I have at times been fighting my desires in you – I don’t want to rush nothing with you.
I don’t want imaginations to get the best of us, I want to hold you and experience and explore the depth of your soul.
I want to treat you the way you deserve to be treated, and there is no comparison but only the gift that I know you are to me.
Some days I think of you and my heart just can’t help but beat and feel your essence.
No one is perfect but we have grace to guide us and your faith is my strength.
I want the courage to do what I know I should, the boldness to be the person I am in you, with you and by you. Together we are powerful, and I don’t want to lose that truth God gave us.
I am blessed to have you Love, I seriously am but I may find it difficult to innerstand it the way I do.
The beauty you behold is greater than life itself and yet still the life we journey through upholds all your wonders.
I want the best for us.
I want us to hold on to eachother.
To be real with each other in all situations.
I want to share my wholeself with you and not be ashamed. . I’m confident enough in taking steps.

        We both will enjoy the blessings and goodness the Most High provides for us.

      My Love, One together in Life.

Yours Only.

The Art of Love

A gush of emotions, a waterfall of feelings an unstoppable beating heart.

Quick breaths, slow breaths …

whispers and silence. Glued eyes, tired eyes.

Your kiss wants to heal me. . .

my tug is here and there. You want to lose all you are in me but i’ll watch in awe.

I’ve constantly given myself to you, drooling at every time you showed up – silenced in your approach. I’ve been in different worlds caught up in our soul.

Exasperated, you may leave and find another her.

Unapologetic, I may walk away and another he will discover me.

You entered me knowing it may leave us estranged, I entered you knowing I would be lost in the breath of my own longing – in which disappears as quick as I can disappear.

So why did I fall into your charm, into your secret.. why did I let it chase my being. Oh’ you knew the thoughts of my mind and how you can play it against my own self.

You are an intruder. I never beckoned you. . . neither did I lure you.

A subtle creature you are.

I admire your bravery in which I find that my whole inner

core is not dominated by you.

You are a player, you play as much as you want. . over-exaggerate and create such tragic stories in thought it’s hallucinating and for this

I have no care, in this I have no worries . . for in this we are not attached. You sowed nothing more than a memory in which I am not tied too.

Tears will not crawl, anger will not prevail.. but my heart is no longer your home.

It seems cruel, and vicious and unrecognizable but maybe we don’t seem to understand it in ourselves, maybe it’s too powerful that we fight for it so much.

I’m yearning for you and your aching for me in your own stillness. . then we are cold in our sheets.

This portrait is a design full of white, grey and black.. small dots of yellow and slashes of purple.

We don’t hold keys no more, we are keys.. We wonder in the wilderness, the deserts and the streets of old waiting for the echoe of Life to reveal ourselves to eachother.

Why did you bother?

Why did you notice me?

You should of never came my way.

You should of never felt my heart or looked into my eyes.

Why did you take me away knowing I would only return.

Why did you test the only part of me you knew, was my secret chambered doors, knowing at the right time.. it would be my turn.. to feel it’s smooth caress in my own being.. did you think we were alike. Did you think we were mirrors.

Black mirrors. We are nothing alike.

The art of love is an imagery projected from an outter glass, where the flow of connections beats far greater than seeing you.

You will no longer have my mind or capture my heart, and I no longer yours.

We will walk away surprised by this faze.. this place where we both know no one else will fill.

What to say but to stare at you empty, expressionless.

You tried to bite me. . . You tried to bite me.

I looked you deep in the eye and wrestled your hold.

Until the end of all.. the art of love will be my call.


No tears in the soul.

A memory of her and him – her and them.

rollercoasters of emotions, vomits of the

core. Running cannot solve matters.

The past only must be left behind, why revive it.

Blood and sweat running down my body –

I guess this was what I asked for. The bruised

heart is the glassed art piece in the gallery.

Roses never fade.

Emotions numbed by all there is, is the rock

really firm to not feel? To watch the feel and

glance at it’s story in us all. Is this what it all was.

The sight to sunrise in dark matter, the unquenchable

force of wind, the solitude itself sat in confinement..

what must the silence say, without your presence?

Neither gloomy, neither forcefully in high – but the neutral

essence of the being, the eyesight of the seeing.

Seen or Unseen, whats the worries or even the

bother, for when your seen.. theres not at all

a difference even when not. The mystery is somewhere

in the locked door, the existence in a haze of smoke,

the smile with hidden eyes, the sight in which

glances away. Tears and joys of life and the

fallen leaves of the age.

The long walk with the mystery is worth..

more than any treasure. The open fruit juice,

melting with sweetness in the mouth of the babe..

the smile of the Father and Mother.

Do you see the eyes unseen, do you see it.

It’s a life within you – unstoppable and called on.

Many eyes around us, within us.. but this beauty

unseen is actually evidently seeing. . I see it right now.

It’s existence peaks not through my eyes alone.

That aliveness is

not only present through the eye – but the mystical

eye. . Holy Spirit – the wholeness of Spirit revived in ones

own Living soul. . yes within the soul lives the immortal eyes of the many eyed ones.

The soft heart, reaching out of the world – furthur on from this clay – activating a mysterious wind around it.

Listen to the soul of the curvascious piano, observe the

elegant legs of the ballet, the still melodic turn of

the peacock. Are all these my anchors and more,

we can not foretell the comings and goings of

this life can we? Is the golden age a time of unlimited

spiritual existence within the both of us?

Are we the repetoire of our own neuro-shrewedness?

Does the heavy breaths matter, the sighing of your moans in the ear of the lover, the tears of love and abound patience in the clutter.

The bodies clinging to eachother desiring not to let go, the touch of eachother so soft and so slow. . . is this outter body experience of the souls a vivid climax of the eternal presense in commune – right there among them.

The heat of the eyes of their souls pleading for nothing else but more, more, and more.. the weakness and strength the murmours and shouts, the eyes closed.. nothing else but

a motion where feels are now exterminated & what is left

has not touched earth as of yet, but it explodes in the arms of the both of them?

These are not feelings, they are not emotions … why do they behave in such a way where it cannot control them..

now they control this and when they think they

are in control, they lose it all and then

the many eyed ones take place in this ancient home

and then they disappear in the dance – the sacred

dance unspoken of – their own mystery silence.

Is this what I asked for? To see and see and see. . .

We keep Kaleidoscoping.





Do they push us for greater or do we stay cradled in the manger?


I often time’s wondered why challenges were a part of life.. in what ways we were able to see ourselves through difficulties, or maybe through the joys. Through the whole journey the mental processes somehow develop faculties that enhance our perspective in the different alleyways of the mind.

Usually we are prone to over-react, distancing ourselves – fighting our being and others around us but we do not stop to revitalize the inner man, or in other cases to view our inner beings as a source of life to expand than to deteriate in our own means.

Challenges come in many ways to stop us from developing life from within us or to allow us to strive to develop more life from within us. If God has given us Life to it’s full, why does humanity allow deception of concepts and idea’s to derange there way of thinking as soon as challenges appear or even so without the challenges appearing?

There are two roads in life: The wide and spacious road in which many go through and it leads to destruction. This road is made up of things outside of you seeking to get within you, things that influence us in every area of our life, supporting our challenges and befriending them. Many take this road because it’s easy to run from your problems, right? It’s easy to have an escape route than face who you really are.. It’s easy to allow the serpent to whisper lies in your mind and you follow the whole crowd.. or even the knowledge of all these good and evil dysfunctional ideas. Self destruct why don’t you. Follow the world, why don’t you. Be an ambassador for deception – atleast you can hide away from reality.

The other road is a narrow gate, and a hard road that leads to life, and only a few find it. This road is not easy, this road will arouse the challenges to appear more frequently than usual, this road will anger the masses, it will at times anger you for it is the road for the sentiment, the bold and courageous, the faithful, the seekers of truth, the one’s who question their existence. This road is for those who do not want to fit into an agenda but to explore the mysteries of life within them. Oh fellow friend how hard this road is, to be forced to adhere to the profanities of the world, to run from the lures of the outter man, to heed to the voice of the inner man.. to connect and disconnect from God – the supreme echoe of silence in ourselves – the still calming voice of hope somehow pursue the deepest part of your ownself and allow it to reveal to you all the lies of this carefully planned out corruption of reality – made by forces that work with power, pride and every deadly act of the soul.

   Are challenages a pinnacle movement of our souls or the last straw in the hay and lights are out?

Can you justify yourself in the mist of challenges?

Are you able to re-enforce a new developing being in the challenge or does the old template re-enforce you to become it’s delerium.

Let us bear in mind, the mental processes are a way we can fend for our own insight and as well as that share the spiritual truths from within them.

Will you always be in a manger or will the challenge make you see the greater within you, than what appears to be in the world?

If the world is already judged, then adjust yourself to righteous judgement and spiritual truth – maybe find the hidden depths of your own being too, this will definately guide you. The Holy Spirit doesn’t lie when it says he is your comforter.

Be not dismayed, didn’t Christ say he had already conqueored the world.. what about you.. can the challenage conqueor you or are you able to rise from within and know that to man it is impossible but to God, he who governs life in righteousness, in spirit and truth –  nothing is impossible.