Wuta MengShen

The throat itches with it’s endeavour of consummation in the hidden heat, the hidden heat of a surface unseen.

Mental abilities of danger or salvation which one must you choose? For One cannot forfiet another, and as you see it clearly – it is in which you choose to see clearer – the one in which you embody.

Are you mastering the law in the law or seeking the mastery of the divine essence in the true, hidden treasure?

Great is the conclusion of the student in which he understands the exploration begins in the beginning and begins in the end – and in the middle has found his solitary solution to inherit the invisible keys of the many eyed ones.

The mind of man is not only the thought it is beyond thought it is the greater beyond – far .. far.. away – who can summon it?

Click your finger and you are inhibited in the matter – what is the matter then – the gravity in which rubs you into itself. Evaporate and return, yes for even this is possible.

Stillness is the intellect of the opened eye, stillness is the intellect of the wandering eyes.

Space in the mind, is the deciet of a mans fundamental illusion – clutter it’s delusion.. a conversation it’s amusement – The inner search reflects the power of mind.

You cannot possess another unless you are deformed in species in which you enter in without profit of expense.

Can you project to me what I do not see for myself, of course. This is seeing beyond the surface through the blink of an eye.

If you seek the light, if you call on the One above all things. . . The Holy One, the One in whom sitteth on the Supreme throne – the governer of all governers – yes he shall be seen in you, through you and reflected in your actions.

The way, the truth and life is the embodiment of consistent research and dedicated desire of instruction and principles of being.

The love of a spiritual man towards a spiritual woman his strength and yet still his weakness – his all and his hidden – unseen – yet peculiar nature. The love of a spiritual woman towards a spiritual man her silent power, and yet her mystery – her fullness and her hidden heart.

What is Love? Look around, look above and beneath – within and without – look at at all creation then return back to self – have you understood it’s affect on all life? If one can proclaim the all in principles and truths into one word then Love may it be, but even so you cannot merely define it, for it is of itself in itself dramtically aware of itself in it’s own way.

Do not hide for you are always seen. Where can you go in the land of the living when the Father of all analyses all human ways in every spiritual and physical plane. Be not surprised, you are never alone.

A bird flys knowing where to settle, a bird flys knowing when to return. A bird flys with realization that it’s wings are never ending – even when it fails it’s ability to feel the wind produces the rebirth of it’s hidden wings.

She is but a mystery in the Arc of the Covenant, a light in the heart of the hidden torch – A lover of a secret force – A lover of this male’s inner beauty – Oh how she is consumed with desire and passion for him. . how he is her silence. Can she get enough? Maybe or maybe not .. as long as his beauty forever shines, her treasure will always be with him and even if it doesn’t shine on the subtracted days, she will always recognize his beauty and bring it out for the treasure to never stop delivering it’s mystic wind around them.


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