The Mystery Sayings..

1000 kisses in the solitude.

Words of wisdom in the colenial feud.

Imbalance of a federal commute.

Everyday logic, everyday muse.

Consciousness awakened by the disturbance of a fluke.

Hands of love, foot of detest. . walking away to hug is not in it’s interest.

Power, power.. conversations of power endless talks to control the flowers.

Food must enter, to vomit the decay but the longing for ventures may turn you into prey.

Order, Order, Justice and Law you are convicted you are the cause.

Hunger, hunger may lead you to steal but now you are troubled again with ordeals.

Flames of fire fast and effective, flames of fire the consuming detective.

Nurturing love a consistent lure, a touch of hope a touch of myrhh.

Unconditional love a mimic dew continually echoing the universal flute.

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