The Redeemers Code

Segments of orange peels laying on the floor,

glitter clustered across the mirrored road.. gold dust lays on the sidewalk.

Smoke appears from the courtyard, as the mystery sound of bells are ringing on the street corners.

Don’t cut the throat it is the messenger, don’t pierce the side it is bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh.

Paramount is the steps of the whispering rustle of leaves.

The Flash of a daunting inner shadow collapses on the side-walk..

darkness surrounds the area, in her atomsphere the light penetrates a superior fire that scorches her own shadow.

Baptized by the indwelling of Life within her, desert fall.

Apples rain from the sky, lemons hail from the heavens, honey wails in the wind sticking to her being… she bends front ways and back,, no bone upholding her inner shadow.. she is as a kite.. the honey drooping itself upon her.

She cannot speak, her mouth wide open, in yells of unspoken sound her hands grasp her mouth and she streches it – the stretch rebounds as far as the heavens.

The throne pours rivers of waters into her as she lets go of her mouth and breathes heavy. Her eyes glued by the honey it forces it’self open, her hair interwoven with her face.. she is but a fleur – the sight seems decomposed but the skin slowly begins to reveal itself.

Running, running, running .. here comes the bull it comes to attack she begins to run this inner shadow revealing her skin

. . the bull vicious with desire to remove the skin appears but she takes its horn with fierceness and there eyes meet.

The bull fierce as the waves of a waterfull seeking destruction, as the vulture piercing the eyes of a man.. pushes against her.. smoke coming from its nose.. she pushes against the force of it’s power and her lips.. opening yelling with no sound.. the bull is then paralysed.. weakened. It’s power to attack her is therefore removed.. it was her unspoken words, the movement of her strength.. erased it’s control.. it looks in her eyes – tears rolling down it’s dark face.

It lifts her inner shadow on its back as she sits on it.. it begins to fiercly run, the sand of the empty streets pounding in the frost of the air.. she holds the horns ..

   5 doves descend from heaven – she removes her arms from the horns of the bull – as the doves circulate her. . . 2 sit on her right arm, and 2 on her left and the one entered her mouth, she closed her eyes and it then came out…sitting on her head.

The bull power continued to persevere in the open space of this reality – daggers out of the open air began to fly in her direction – piercing every part of her but the doves continued to rest on her arms and head. Her mouth opened as she screamed with no sound – the daggers of swords digging in deep until they disappeared within her. In that instant the bull disappeared and she begun to fly.

    Her inner shadow zooming with the force of leviathan, demanding the air and the empty earth to submit to her power. Her skin began to reveal itself more, the melanin penetrating through her, her face forming into a being strange in sight.. the doves began to peck at her arms and then her legs and she flew.. in that moment wings oozed out from her back – the world was a cave, her eyes were fire.. and her being accelerated so quick as the universe subsided and watched her force return to it’s essence.

  Stars begun to dance, gold dust arose from her face, her eyes closed and there running towards her.. she saw his inner shadow…His enhanced and powerful wings beating in the air .. he circulated her, looking in her eyes of fire.. his eyes too burning with fire – 3 doves circulating his head – 8 between them both. They stood mid-air staring as the light that shone was so bright between them but the whole world was dark.

He drew near and wrapped his wings around her, holding her she desired to let go but he wouldn’t let her go.. he held on as the fire in her eyes turnt into a torch his also begun to change into a torch. He took his hand and placed 3 fingers on her mouth.

He whispered, “We are One”

In that moment they melted into eachother and the universe exploded into a trillion, lights…

      The sun appeared, horizons begun to form.. animals begun to crawl…the oceans came in from the heavens pouring over the land – and there they were naked – hand in hand coming out of the sea. . .

             Drowning in the waves of the life of the inner man together they were embarking on a sacred journey that no man could ever tear apart.. a feeling and a devotion that none would ever know but them.. that they were chosen to embody.

She held him innocently as he cradled her, she held his neck as he rested on her. She wrapped her legs around him as he wrapped his legs around her.

 The Ocean covered them… and then the mystery had begun.

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