The Road to Eternity

You are a bird, the delight of the eye and the calm in the wind.

The silence doesn’t speak enough for you, neither does it’s touch.

If you was to disappear it wouldn’t be your presence in-sight it would be

Your sunshine, this is something not described by man.

To inhibit it is one’s close watchful eyes on you. . . one’s slow but reassuring feel in you.

My sweet bird, in whom the air listens too and carries it’s message’s too and fro – why do you desire to leave me? Why do you desire to forget?

You flap your wings in memory of the control you had on the breeze but you circulate the buildings in disbelief of our creation. You and me both.

Our road to eternity is not our imagination, you and I have travelled numerous sights but yet you still fly on.. and say;

“I’ll continue, I’ll be fluent in my mastery… I’ll somehow make it through”

But even so my little bird, you need I.. you need us but you desire to escape the flock in which you were born to be among, you shy away in embarrassment of your unfathomable mind.

Your mind is a playground in which all imagination or delusions do not discover oneself but it’s own hearts feel is it’s discovery. Oh bird, your heart was bleeding for so long can you not sense the vibration of the healed lavender dancing in the field. Can you not hear the wild animals quietly whisper as they see you go past.

They wonder how this little bird had survived, they wonder how this little bird is beyond her own self yet still elegantly swaying.

Born to soothe the atmosphere, born to carry the all above and yet you stare ever so innocently – continually seeing all in an artistic vision.

The flock has wondered about you, they have each had their own self-revelation through you. The flock have seen you suffer with understanding that this was not as near as you have actually felt suffering in the wind you survey. The flock have gazed in amazement but have laughed at the profound meaning in it all.. they have been taken in and away – circulating themselves in a vision they never asked for neither to inherit such a portrait.

My little bird, the road to eternity has been your ongoing maze.. how can you choose to forget it now. How can you choose to remove yourself away from something in which holds the whole flock including yourself. The road to eternity is for us all my little bird..the gift is not for you to keep flying away but it is for you to stay – and to stay permenately.  You may not understand why – or may not feel that it is necessary – or even so that maybe your work is done, but little bird..your secret is connected with the flock. Your secret is the embodiment of the flock – it is the silence of the flock – the eyes of the flock – and the heartbeat of the flock – and even so it is the soulful essence of the flock – you may pierce the wind with your eyes but the wind will blow you away and the wings will have no fight if you continually look away.

You know, just as much as the eternity in the true one’s know.

We all hold each other little bird, we all hold each other. We cannot leave you little bird, haven’t you been left long enough?

This road to eternity is a precious walk for us, one designed for laughter and joy, grace and peace. One in which our individual strangeness will drive our unity for a grand jewel, of an elixir – priceless in all ways unknown to men.

Our little bird, we can see you – and you have always seen us.

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