He and She

She looked up and saw him standing by the side of the street, leaning on the wall.. he stood by his car looking down.. in thought. As she walked on the same pathway he felt her presence, she already knew who he was.. he slowly lifted his head and his face was stern but he carried a sincere and sympathetic look in his eyes that drew her into him. She carried on walking as she passed him, she felt his hand tap hers as he leaned off the wall,

“Hey” he said, calmly.

She looked at his hand and then at him, their eye connection was softened and their hearts felt eachother quietly.

“Hi” she responded, looking down nervously. She never thought she would bump into him again.

He smiled, and lifted her head.

“Don’t look down miss, don’t be shy around me. . I know you like you know me”

She looked up into his eyes, and she couln’t help but stare into him she lost herself into him seeing herself she nearly stumbled over. He held her in his arms and pulled her in close. She couldn’t help but wrap her hand around his neck as she recognized his hold on her body, caught up in the rapture of love and his warmth she was shockingly surprised at her response to his hold.

His heart was beating on his chest, his insides were burning with desire for her in ways he couldn’t express he managed to keep his cool. He was lost in what he would say, or should say.

“uhh.. I didn’t expect this hug from you” he said as she held on to him.

“Neither did I” she whispered. . .”I thought I would run or avoid you but something pulls me to you and I would be a fool to deny its deepness in me”.

He let go of the hold and looked into her, he examined her with a serious stare. . for some reason he seemed shocked, as if he didn’t expect her to feel as deeply as she did. He somehow thought he was the only one with the strong sense of emotion. Distant strangers but lovers, a small glimpse of eachother had rapidly changed the course of time into eternity.

“Why are you here, what made you stand outside your car.. where are you going” she asked, curiously squinting her eyes.

“I was waiting for you” he responded diverting his eyes.

“And how did you know, I was coming out at this time” she said,

“I feel you, I know your feeling when your home and when you step outside”

“How” she asked.

“I am you and you are me” he looked up into her eyes.

She looked away as her heart begun to heat up slowly, and his soul image came out through her eyes – as she looked up at him he took his hands and placed it on her cheek and firmed his look into her soul. . .

“I’m He, you behold me”


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