If I told you I loved you, what would you say?

If I told you that I know it is you and no one else.. how would you react?

If I told you, your the one I always waited for.. would you believe me?

To speak the truth would seem crazy to others but when you know that your soul longs for another deeply, you wouldn’t hide it or would you?

You truly know me, but you don’t realize it. We are both simular in ways you would be surprised, I didn’t think it would be possible to find one quite like myself.. one who silently watched ..understood and grew outside of the norm.

If I told you I knew it was you for life, that there is no other one I want or need but you.. how would you respond?

You are a rare one, complicated but not one I cannot understand because your a reflection of me. I waited patiently, I knew it was only right too, although I had never forgotten you – how could I .. you spoke for yourself in ways that words don’t need to be said.

I know the battle you have fought, and I know you have fought many before. I want to tell you so many things, to express myself properly the way I know I can.. sometimes it’s just hard but I know you will get me, I know you will understand.

   Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses, I have mine but they are moreso me rather than anything outside of me. You wouldn’t judge me, you would see me for me.. and I knew from the moment I laid my eyes on you.

Everything about you has impacted my life so much, it’s just strange how real it is for me as much as for you. Some of us are more in tune than others, I’d say I’m deep into my Spirit and always have been.. at times it worried me because it seemed like I was always somewhere else.. running from something but for certain reasons what I was running from just wouldn’t make me happy or satisfy me.. I would laugh and joke but deep down something was missing.

There’s things about me I wouldn’t tell no one, only God knows.. but for some reason I just know I can tell you everything I would not ever try to speak on. Your a gift, one anyone would be blessed to have but not just anyone can have.. although you may not see yourself as that. . you have never really seen that but believe me when I say you are One of a different species and only very few can understand this.

Your love is strong, it’s powerful and it’s potent the way it has made me feel at times – it’s healed me in certain places I never knew needed healing. You somehow touched places in me that I never believed anyone could get too, this is true. You are more than this physical you are far deeper than I ever thought. . I feel some parts of you that are so dominant and firm and strong at times.. it makes me stop and think, I get taken away from me.

   It feels strange knowing it’s me saying this and your typing away.. but your a part of me and I don’t want to act like your not.. I cannot deny it. I’m way in and I can’t get out even if I tried or wanted too, it was always you.. before I would of known because this knowing for me digs me inside.

  I don’t ever want to hurt you, or do anything that would make us lose what we can build on. Your heart is a special blessing from God to me and I treasure it.

There’s a lot more to say but it will be said once we are together, once I can speak to you face to face.

    I’m here, take my hand.

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