The Blind Man

He who is misled by his delusions,

He who is frightened by his own malicious thoughts…

He who is forced to change the actions of others by manipulation of thoughts and words.

The blind man is only intent on his own doings, he does not seek to be with those who sow in his field. He is led by his own thinking, and his mastery is a matter of experience in his own fortitude, rather than exploring the fortitude of others and shedding true meaning to all souls via deep connections.

   He must be able to see the tree, and then see the behaviour of those trees, he must understand that humanity is his field to sow within, he must understand his part in the mission of soul existence. Existence is a matter of following through – theres a broad and a narrow way. He who pays attention can master the thought of which idea is broad, and which is narrow.

     Unfolding an element of self is to lie postrate to the throne above all thrones, and seeing whether it is clear or blurred by one’s own illusions.

The throne is governed by The Father – the blur is the hysterical fanatical influences of society which has no real play on the inner man. We are all the blind man asking Christ to open our eyes, we are opened to see the tree’s.. we see many characters and then we are touched by the hand of grace to see behaviours and in this we can relate to those who reflect us unto our ownselves.

    The mystery is not as boring as we think, this is true.. the animals await this true dance of life.. where they are noticed not as things to adore but as beings to see as you see. Where nature can wave at you as you walk on by.

Heaven on earth – Where the light of essence is more than the ever-changing body but the mystery that is a result of the ever-changing flow and manifestation of the soul. The full man, and the explorer seeks to make others full by recieving the fill in his own being.

The negatives and the past destructive thoughts are all mis-perceptions of the inner world being polluted to think its existence is of the outter world.


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