Not much left to say…

Its a message for us all. Life.

No matter what man has made of it, no matter what the enemy has tried to take from each and every human being thats ever lived.

So much of us, have words left unspoken.. words that no longer needs to be said. Potentially we are all hoping, for the best, to figure what the misson of Life is.

Patiently, waiting. Patiently, observing. Patiently, admiring.

A fleeting life, here today gone tomorrow. Nothing is ever promised but the gift of experiencing this existence again – in the way Life intended for us all definately is.

We are all in the image of the supreme God, each of us holding the sacred key within us, the connection to the light.

I often times’s asked God to take me out of this mess, tried to do the honours of taking myself out too, it never worked..

I wondered to myself so many times, what was the reasoning behind the blinking of my eyes. . .behind the quietness in the Spirit. We all have questions.

Some will be answered and others won’t be.

The sun, moon and stars cannot fathom the mysteries of their ownselves although they know the order they are to come forth – likewise however much I try to get deeper to this life, much is revealed but not fully exposed.  

I have to hold on to my God, my hope is to always be with the Holy Spirit, my best friend.

I miss God alot, although he is here and near. I seem to miss the world where we all were, the place where freedom existed – where we played like children, laughing and joking – running around in joy. I’ve seen glimpses, of this joy.

Two young beautiful angelic beings playing before my eyes.

I couldn’t touch them, they swiftly came into my presence laughing with complete joy, chasing eachother and disappearing into the air. . .

This world will never be enough, no matter how much you have or what little you possess. The overall presence of Life in this world is our greatest gift. . The presence of it’s Creator among us.

Some things I wish to say, somethings cannot be said. . overall there is nothing much left to say. . . nothing much left to say.




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