Where-ever they may be

Its more than sex.

Its more than the cuddles.

Its more than smooches.

Its more than holding hands.

Its deepest secrets are its true affection,

shared in ways many will feel being around the two who are one rather than merely see with their eyes the expression of lovers being “lovers” I suppose.

Its not always smiles but it can be the soft look of reassurance, the silence of being in the mist of eachothers presence. Yes, like a bumble bee in hibernation after seeking out its mate.. the silence of rest within one another, near or far.

Maybe one look can melt her Soul, maybe one touch can soften his Spirit.

Lose yourself within it to awaken through it.

The thought of he caressing her body seems splendid, the thought of her kissing his back following the outlines of his body.. mysterious to he that it arouses excitement. The pleasure of smelling eachothers skin, diving deep into the soul eyes and being intoxicated by presence alone.. the pant of this strange cosmic consciousness you enter just by being. Your naked selves not needing too mate just yet but to sit together in your nakedness and admire your bodies, talking of the funny dangly breasts and the quirky erection of the penis. Two adults ..running around the house naked chasing eachother like children realizing the joys of self-expression beyond the body.

“Lets cook naked” he says.

“Why not” she smiles.. getting up, they both discovering new recipes playing around in the kitchen laughing at eachothers silly gestures, shaking their bums..allowing the moment to unravel thier own mysterious highs. Free.

They shower together like children.. looking at eachother sincerely, the urge to hold one another beyond this physical.

Can she cry without you pitying her, can you protect her from herself.

Can he tell you his deepest intimate feelings and thoughts, his secrets without you judging him, using it against him..telling anyone or fearing the dragon in his mind.

You can both wipe eachothers bum for a day and see what it’s like to be a baby again.

Lets eat leaves they say, he picks her bogey, shes stick her finger in his ear and feels his ear wax. Oops her menstrual cycles arrived can he watch her change her pad or help her do so, afterall when he has his first daughter won’t she be confused with what this whole menstrual cycle thing is later on in life. . what would he explain to her if he’s the only one around at the time?

“I helped your mum change her pad kiddo, I know what i’m doing.. here take this and lay it flat on your panty.. ” he closes the door as his daughter does it herself.. she comes out grinning “done!” He hi-5’s her.

The one-ness between two creates an affirmation of hope, love and faith.. this is something they create by being free and loosing themselves of the boundaries displayed on Love. They must break down the walls within themselves and eachother to discover the hidden treasure between the one-ness, formless with eachother.. this will merge them.. He see’s her and is her. She sees him and is him. Immortalised. Other women come around and speak to him, he is looking through her eyes and they see her naked soul through him.. they shy away. When other men come around and speak to her, they instantly see his gaze in her eyes, they nod respectfully and smile.

How is this possible?

Did you not know True lovers are eachother ?

It is not imagination, this is ascending through the conditions on this supreme power we call “Love” and being without any.

They have no excuses, this is a matter of Life.. that the lies woven in love was to destroy the power held within it.. seeming out of reach when it truly existed in the cells of their identical souls, a lovers union was the essence of the tree of life.

They are in eachother all along it takes the Sacred One-ness of Divine Spirit to awaken this transcendent beauty within them both.

Where-ever they may be.

Where Ever They May Be 💛

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