6 x 2

Faint memories,

returning to our soul.

An opened you in the mist of your whole.

Running away from the feel,

it is extremely real.

Trying to cut off the ties but when you try..

you both feel the bite.

You’ve been trying to forget,

moving on is best, but your locked in it

You’ve merged with it.

It should of never happened, what did you see. .

Hypnotized by the sea.

now it haunts him like it haunts her.

They make it out to seem bad, but it should be

something great. . everytime we want it all to

disappear our heart aches.

It should of never happened, it was a mistake

but the atomsphere was true .. it was fate.

It could be changed, you both could escape. .

force it out of you. . and discontinue with the

game? Its not a game though isit, it’s the

truth in you both. . 6 x 2.

She’s mad he’s caught her, shes roaring. . fire in her eyes. . she’s forced to put down her guard. She’s roaring deep down, heavy groans of life, the pants of breath. . fighting with the feel – no words left to say.. he has her tamed.. now she must obey. He found her, She knew.. He knew. Now all she has left is her eyes sparkling in full effect.

He’s subtle in his approach knowing one wrong move will make him bite his ownself and she will be let loose. He’s been watching her . .waiting to spin himself around her.. He must capture her. He already wrapped her through his eyes, he’s controlled her through her mind and now he wants to claim her in the daylight. This could be dangerous, this could go wrong. He knows she’s lethal, soft, and discreet.. he’s seen a part of the heart of her love . . Immortal.. this is no dream. It won’t die, he knows and for this he needs the power of her inner light to be able to help him build his Spirit in this drive. She holds vital information, she is his bone, she is his flesh. . But it is a mystery to why she will not allow herself to be seen by him, even though he see’s.

They are both back in the garden but now they’re hiding from eachother not knowing they are looking through eachother. The One, The Highest. . the Ultimate One observes them both. . from his throne.

Bone of My Bone

Flesh of my Flesh


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