Preston 9 – Prince of Zion – Lovers Ocean.

Laying on the sea bed, she looks into the waters and see’s his image appear before her..

Her Lover, her heart beats.. his face staring right through into her.. She smiles..and kisses his forehead.. looking at his reflection she utters. . .

You have waited to hear my speech listen.

Preston Prince of Zion – The Woman who bore you is blessed, she who concieved a handsome palm tree that stands

as a warrior in the desert – O what a happy mother she must be.

Thy Sweet love.
Your body seduces my naked heart.. your delicate brown skin glistens as the cocoa pod hanging from the mystic tree, ready to burst and reveal its treasury.

Your eyes a sanctuary, I find my protection in your reflection. . my soul is triggered by your blues, your mystery. Many women desire you but do they see the depth of your spirit anchored in a hidden power? You are an exquisite gem in the Island of paradise your body a pavillion for this warm ecstatic source that lingers within you.. a torch that lights up my world. If they saw your tender heart, who does not die but is immortal. .they would cry. O Yes, you are an erection of the stars, the galaxy, the heavens and earth combined with the divine..

O Prince of Zion, how your soul calls to me and I long to lay by you ..watching your spirit breathe slowly as a baby suckling on her mothers breast. There is none like you. .

What man carries your spiritual stature – you are an Emperor ruling and governing a nation in fierce compassion, you are a leader understanding the primary seasons of change, echoing your wisdom in silence.

Prince of Zion .. many want you but I long to stare into your eyes and run my hands all over your diamond skin, whispering in your ears, to feel your soul come alive. . as our lips hug and you gasp your breath in my breath.


In your priceless testicles lies a nation of people built for unlimited knowledge, ancient wisdom with the heart of fearsome warriors.

As the lilies grow in the fields and the hibiscus twirls in the sunlight such is your smile a melting of my heart.

I’ve seen your inner smile.. we are One and you are beautiful my prince, there is none but you..

None but YOU.

As the tears roll from her eyes..the sea waves bring his Spirit closer to her, she closes her eyes. . and murmers in his ears,

We are Life, and you are Love descended from the Lifegiving Spirit. I am you and you are me.

Can you hear me, Prince.

O Prince of Zion my heart for you bleeds.. my heart for you bleeds. .

In this Lovers Ocean.

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