Penelope 8 – The Starlike Beauty Of Immortal Eyes

Is anybody there? Can anybody hear her?

Shes not lost.. but. . . . is anybody there?


O’ How thee is a beauty, such beauty bestowed within her eyes. . . immortal eyes.

Ignorant her eyes had been in seeing the suitors who longed for her as true. . yes her ignorance made her a fool for these unfortunate butterflys we call feelings.

She felt she became a peasent the moment she allowed her delicate soul to intertwine with the romance of her heart. .but this was the beginning of her wealth.

They longed her to be true to express this depth. . . this creed that lingered with her Immortal eyes.

Verily verily, she had cried out,

“I have shown it, I have proved it.. Can’t you see. . . look in me.. can’t you see”

Explaining was a thing of the past, perceiving was what masters believed would reach senses deeper than her immortal eyes. . or maybe not percieving would touch her strong and bold heart? Though the stars and the universe was somehow embedded through the windows to her soul.. through the journey through the galaxies she transformed into the sea, arose from the dust, beckoning the fierce rivals of the wind. . . blinding the mind with the unenviable scorch of the sun.

They couldn’t enter her web even if they tried. She would disappear even though she was near. Though she may try to howl in the darkness of night and chirp in the bright sunrise for the one whom was possible of stealing her heart. . . she still ran, tears unfathomable, epic ..soft ..gentle as she stared helplessly at her.

Could love ever be her love, beloved and loved. Two wings of her own became one.

Yellow curtains, red chair, purple roses flying through the air as she danced naked around the white room. . . the suitors who longed for her watched in astonishment. Her fantasy led her to marry her ownself.. though she felt her body she stood still, in the mirror she stared at her naked self and smiled . . . her imagination was her lover, her imagination her soul mate. 5 suitors stood staring.. peculiar much? They longed to touch her but did not quite know how. . this Love was not quite what they had was archaic.. it wasn’t that simple. . They each discussed who would make the first move but ONE kept staring his eyes never blinking, he watched her dancing naked with his eyes wide open.

Wide eyed child – she saw him.

“Come and play” she smiled

“I’m to shy” he said looking away..

“Do thou desirest me or are you too another pagan?” her eyes staring straight at him.

He glared at her,

“I longeth to hold you my dearest, you are my star girl. . I see you”

As he stood up the suitors stood by him bowing at his courageous decision, they were taken away by her passion and were not ready to take on the intense power of it. They left them both in the room. The young man removed his clothes slowly looking at her, she stood still facing the mirror on her wall.. he walked behind her and looked at their reflection.. she looked down at her hands, he took her head and lifted it.

“Forsooth, you are my beloved and you are loved, I am your beloved and I am loved. Let me feel your skin soften against mine, let me kiss your soft lips and cradle you”

As they both stood naked..he turned her head and kissed her lips, her neck and her hand.

She turned her body towards him and leaned in close, they both felt everything and the power and feeling had consumed them, their souls gasping for more life as they cradled eachother. . . moments went by and as his heart began to beat in sync with hers, as he began to feel her within him.. as she melted into him his eyes closed over taken by the ecstasy of her love.

A powerful wind swirled around them…

He quickly opened his eyes and she was no longer there, she disappeared . . . He looked to and fro in the room and then opened the window.. there she was laughing, screaming and shouting as white roses fell from the sky and she was taken up by golden chariots to a new world, a better world in which only she knew where she was going.. and where she longed for him to meet her.

“Immortal eyes” he yelled ..anguish in his face.

Where are you going!?!

She looked at him elegantly as she jumped on the golden chariot, as the horses snuffled and kicked the air

“My heart of hearts, my wide eyed prince.. I sought you and awaited this moment. For you held me and rocked me as your own. We both have been a Mage, we both have skipped in our maze but now i’m going to my imaginery land.. I am not hiding, I am dancing naked in my land with you.. You may not remember that place but I do – until then i’ll always hold onto you.. maybe you’ll just slip away once again my soul.. but I fear not for I am Immortal – CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.. she screamed her soft voice echoing as the horses galloped in the sky – her eyes transfixed on him.. She whispered..

“Catch me if you can”.

In that sudden moment the force of his Spirit lifted him off the ground and drove him to the heavenly of heavenlies searching for her essence..

Immortal Eyes.

Is anybody there? Can anybody hear her?

Immortal Eyes.

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