Dear Love

Your indescribable, no words can attain the unmeasurable extension of your expression in which upholds the entire creation. Humanity as a whole have been woo’ed by your lavish art of being, sight and existence.

We cannot know where to begin for our beginning was our first breath and our end will never be. . . for our last breath is therefore another beginning. You have taken us down many paths my dearest, holding onto me as I held onto you. People had tried to change us love but they never knew us deep down.. sometimes we forgot you but you kept calling and tugging at our heart the moment we looked away.

There is only One and so as we came as we leave as One. Although the we in you love.. is the us that we are embedded in. Within and out, above as below.. creation and existence.. ultimately the All in All. We’ve felt the electric gush of emotions and feelings, the powerful spirtual force, the veins pumping blood around the heart and the freedom of thought. Young, old, we have all felt it.

I cannot narrow you down because in you we have a choice, in you we come to understand. You are beyond us and although we try to act out our expressions of you love.. it is not an act.. It is and always has been and unless we recognize it for ourselves we will always play out an idea of love. So then what are you?

We know the character traits that define you, we know there is One of you and no other. You are hidden and not seen ..but even not being seen you are here, among us. Love ancient you are, how in awe I am of us.. of all.

My heart no longer beats so loudly, my soul no longer gasping for spirit yelps at sudden moments as it feels you move through us, a power that creates unification in the all of all. Stages and stages we have been led by you and Oh where you dwell I have longed to be there with you.. but as unseen you are, you desired us to be seen. I carry you, you carry me, You help me.. I treasure you. We cry and wipe our tears together, We lay together in silence or in laughter.. in nothingness but ever-flowing and full.

We stare at our bodies and there it is the shell – we admire the shell but we are not the shell. We are neither the thought in the shell, we are beating in the heart and we breath, energy is produced and energy is removed but Spirit is stronger than energys.. Spirit is a level of Higher Purpose, Higher Being, Higher Calling.. God.

Can we stare at you, can we admire through our eyes .. can our lips touch.. we are no longer feelings, kindled in the force as a burning bush.. a flow of light ignited on the road to Damascus. Why O’Why did we try to escape? We look at the skys above, running in our own garden – under the tree of life as the fruits fall and melt, dissolving into our bodies .. transforming us to a sacred tree, our own tree within us. Gentle as a dove, bold as an eagle soaring with the wind – a roar in the Spirit as a Lion. Our trees united.

I Am. You Are. We Are.


Appearing Metaphysically.

Life. One. Eternal is the Kingdom in Us.


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