For better or For worse

Love and Loyalty.

To maintain such beauty it is first wrecked by the ugly truth.

Did we ever understand this passion?

Did we ever know. . .

Did you?

I’ve gone past what I can imagine and am now with everything I feel – free flowing. My soul has a league of it’s own, it calls and it’s silent.

It dances and it sings, my spirit though connected to Life is looking.. in and out of the blur.

I never thought it would be like this, never thought I’d see what I did. To fight the war and to stand again and again is beyond me.

Can I smile, I guess. . but i’m more mesmerized by Love and it’s passionate hold on me. Tired eyes, wide eyes, pretty eyes, soul eyes.. Holy Spirit drives my soul to be revived.

Once again, Love is called to thrive.

I asked, “Where is he?”

All I heard was the echoe of the wind.

I asked, “Where is he?”

All I heard was the birds chirping in the air

I asked, “Where could he be?”

Then I realized. . . I must carry his energy. . It’s deep in me.

Am I you. . . are you me?

God. . I’ve questioned you on the one whose rib I came.. your response was a beating heart and tear drops with purpose and hope, the truth I’ve gained. Does it matter if he comes, does it matter if he’s present.. If we are joined in heart and are one – I guess i’ll survive with his essence.

Words and words, more words.. but I long for silence with you.. when the rib has come.. our silence would be the words that were never said . . . the words that were trapped in our heads. . . the words that electrocuted our hearts. I know the silence, we know the silence.

For better or For worse

Love & Loyalty.

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