The Beloved

Often time this dear one wondered if it all was worth it, the open-ness and the remembering.

Staring out her window.. eyes blinking.. whilst observing the swaying trees.

Her heart was precious, soft and strong.. yet it magnificently bloomed as a flower. No one had any idea why her heart was the way it was but this rose always kept her calm.

‘I wonder if he’ll come for me’

Oh how her longing for her long lost love sang to her soul.. day after day, month after month, year after year but the one to whom could share her with herself had not arrived.  The Rose pondered if ever the bliss expression of unconditional real love would be her lot in this fleeting life – To Love and Be Loved
To Hold & Be Held

To Cherish and Be Cherished..

To have a burning desire of Amour for another that transcended the physical dimension.

Where was he?

The Rose didn’t want to put a name on he because  all her hopes on the one her heart was drawn too had lost its touch. Yes the beloved had loved he..but he never noticed her. Realizing maybe it was all a dream and now the wake up to reality was her transfiguration – The one her soul secretly had fallen for was not the match for her inner being; It was time to move on, and let go. . .  all the time waiting for He, The Rose may have missed the One.

Her eyes wide, one with humanity again admiring the view.. in her innocence, sweetness, and cosmic nature.

The Beloved – the one they never forgot, the one they always remembered but who would claim her.

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