A Long Road.

I didn’t want to lose hope

I didn’t want to run..

I wanted to be steadfast.. just to live and have fun.

It seemed so surreal…this very existence..

Don’t get carried away I said..

or you’ll crash and burn.. I put up some resistance.

He kind of saved me, little old me.

His piercing eyes looked way past what I forgot – and I was struck by a dose of love..

A love I never let pass my heart, it somehow disappeared in me..clouded but still visible.

Time kept us apart.

A lot of darkness was in my dream but I always believed in the light and that day his gaze was my light. I held onto it, never letting it go – I somehow hoped I would experience it again. He opened my heart because I wouldn’t let go.. The Love I never forgot was my awakening and the Unseen Creator was the one who reminded me.

Its been a long road, long.. long.. road..

but Love never dies. . .

And to him who welcomed me.. who remembered.. We’ll say Day 1.. He was my blessing in disguise – whatever took place that day led me to fight for my heart once again. .

A long road..

to Love.

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