That is all I ask for.. Solitude with Life, in Spirit..And in this quietness I am able to know where the darkness has tried to come from.

So much projection from a society that has lied its way through culture, religion, politics, and all the dogma and social stigma attached to a world that has no understanding of where it is heading. The importance of Life is what men merely seek to discover, they rather implement standards of how we must operate without understanding the perception of Life itself. Perception of Life is seeing more than just what we can offer and deliver to a man via exchange rates of material gains and posessions. The Knowledge we must have is not one of accumulating what others have or what we think we are in need of, it is in the stillness of presence that we identify with our being.

Being? That is the essence of Life, it forms its road by issuing itself a demand of attention to what is. Calculating its vision of what is around it. Darkness is a matter of choosing not to see oneself in its ways, in its true nature. Our influences have created in us a character that is not ourselves and therefore absorbs our freedom, our relationships, and we are therefore living us with other influences instead of understanding the influence within ourselves.

So what must one do?

Focus allow intuition to heed
Plan, the strategy is present when you plan.
View yourself and understand your being for it is light. The one who formed all light, the word itself.. Creator of heaven and earth – with whom is unseen but seen within ourselves and others. . . Yes. . . one must open his ears and listen.
My dear friends,

The Giver Of Destiny is among Us.
One Love šŸ’«šŸ’›šŸ•Š


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