He remembers the day he first saw her.

She never noticed him, but he noticed her.

He says:

“I remember a beautiful soul who never realized its beauty. I was captured by the free spirit that flowed in her. . Her beauty was more than appearance, it shined around her.

There was a glow on her face, wings on her back. She appeared as an angel, but no one could see but me. In her silence, there was loudness in her mind. In her walk there was a shyness that was innocent. She was a sunshine.

Her eyes like doves reflected so much love.

People walked past and stared.

Ego’s laughed and mocked, free spirits smiled amazed by what they saw.

She was an ocean, she held many fish.. she taught many, helped many, uplifted many and loved many, she was an example too many and always put them before her. Loving a man was difficult because men could not understand the Spirit she had, the strength she had.. the piercing look she held.

Only a man who knew himself was able to hold her, know her as he knew himself. Only a man aware of Love and truth of the soul and its power was able to connect intimately with her. She was not just your typical young lady or woman..she was from above and she recognised her spiritual power and essence came from the heavens.

He saw it, He knew it. . . But he kept his distance.

Why? Who knows..

But This Ocean was something he had never seen. . .

She was rare.

A Diamond in the desert, A rare Diamond ❤


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