Ghetto Gospel

Maybe it always will be a ghetto gospel.. and some things seem like they will never change.. but there’s a change in the mystery that we breathe..a change in the mystery we bleed. If by our oneness in all things good or evil ‘change’ triggers that secret, some things will stay the same.. grounded in the roots of the divine in the faith within the word. Thats just the way it is.. things.. are the same .. even if it appears like it will never be the same.. changes make it seem different.. because of the worldview but the oneness counts it all as the mystery. I guess its just the ghetto gospel.

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There are many oceans, large . . Wide, deep.. and ever-flowing without end. They all meet each other through many routes and lanes.. inbetween rocks and lurking as a dry air in the desert. All these oceans are blue, and I am the blue that has made the ocean apparent.

. . .Because you will drown me.

Thinking of he is like drowning, drowning into a world of illusions. I look at him and believe he is my world, but what does he really know about me.
To please parts unknown?. . I have no idea if thats possible, maybe in doing so that would be to lose his drive.
Consumed by an ultimate part of he.. Its not desire,
I know he is everything that I want to believe he is.
He is just a fantasy to my own imaginations, but each time I’m pulled into it, I run away. .
I lose control of all that I am only because he is there. Staying is like looking at you over and over and maybe smashing up my ownself will stop the yearning of what “He” actually is.
His pictures make me stare into space, I look at him and disappear into whatever he is and run away again. Its too much for him, and I believe this .. a woman will either be his blessing or curse.. for good or for evil.
He’s away.. in his own world somewhere and I hold on to every last thought and image of he. .
If I was to never see he again I’ll be bound to notice a he who reminds me of him.. sadly no one can remind me of someone that life itself has carved me into. No one can be so unseen that it strangles me and then leaves me breathless to regain my oxygen!
Inside of him are so many parables, so much insight, so much hidden emotions, vulnerabilities, intimacy and devotion.. I stare knowing that there’s only so much I can do..  your freedom means more to me than my own want to feel you in it. I would rather walk away.. and let your free be everything you wished even if it was to leave me out of it.. so you can enjoy your journey.
    What is love if I don’t tell you that all that I have felt in you and with you has been my ultimate salvation and deadliest pleasure.. I’ve needed your breath.. your eyes and your thoughts near me… I have been scared but held on to you because you showed me fighting was power and everything you are is deeper than seeing you right here with me.
Why .. why my heart you chose to erupt?
I knew you was to be the unseen of my story somehow. . The one to watch something that I didn’t quite pay so much attention too but I knew it.. how does it feel to know she loves you he?
   Does it make you feel great.. powerful.. that she is smothered with only ideas of you. To be a fool for love as some say. Just make your account private.. just make it easier for me to stay away!!! Why do you continue to make me believe in you!!!!
I want to walk away .. I never do walk away from that which comes as close to myself as I do in my own hidden world. I miss you without knowing you.. I try to forget to remember.. I want to escape but remember I have to face reality but he..  he watches the whole time..  adding up who I am trying to be in this freedom that he gains .. and I say go.. flow.. fly with it.. sometimes my imaginations and words create this world of maybes only to get me out of the worries of a deluded humanity. Who really understands.. i guess .. somehow we all do.
I wasn’t mad when I asked God for love.. I knew that it would swallow me up into all kinds of intoxication and if coming out alive was the end result to seeing that God is truly all in me and you.. then he.. what would you need from me? You can’t love so much that it hurts because you’ll be setting yourself up to pain willfully.. you excite the taste buds and they bite your tongue instead of allowing your mouth to smother the food.
I’m not what you think I am.. I never will be..
I’m waving at you .. do you really see now..
I looked away.. did you bother to remember.. 
The whole time I already spotted you before you saw me.. and I had to hide away..
Because you will drown me.. and I’ll suffocate only to find myself staring right back into your face.

Chasing Birds

I’d like to remember. .
The face and smile,
The strength and the song.
Pulling away, didn’t get the chills to hide..
In presence it echoed deeper than any lullaby.
The essence consumed the passion and the reflection  made you weak, it was hypnotising like no other. The reflection held on dearly, it’s insight was triggered by splattered stories that tore into the pages with a smirk, the ink of the pen disappeared when it saw reflection. It seemed as if reflection held the complexity of it’s internal understanding, reassured by it. . It held on.
Pathways engage us to walk in the power of what is, but meeting is turning away.. unless given a narrow insight through the eternal haze.
The presence stills, essence dances and reflection stares.
Should one stay chasing the birds?
What if the snow was rain, but frozen because we hold the inner emotions hostage.
Should one stay chasing birds?

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Own your brain

Wind chants, the dust on your car smiles.
Zooming away, presently at bay.
You or Me, what was the choice.. you evaporated.
A mist, with me.
Sensitive to your volumes, words rthymtic to the sword.
A lazy smile, and a cheesy grin. .
Sinister embarked your tour from within.
You write away and never will reveal me…
Even if me believes, you is free from you.
You talk like you know me, yet quietness is your own 3.
Me was knowing but slowed down the fate,
While you ate the last part of the dessert with a frown.
You don’t have me, neither do you have you.
Just a presence, colliding a we into us.
Entering life, me and you .. somehow it dissolves,
And the country lane.. calls us home again.
Don’t tell me what you got, and what you couldn’t possibly give me.
You’ll only torment me to own your brain.

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Kiss me

Kiss me in the quiet places..
Kiss me on the bruises..
Distinguish my eyes from my lips,
When we are insinuating our poetry.
Vibrations in a touch..
Sentimental hands,
Kiss the moments our hearts open up,
And share the entire planet.
Theres are many petals in our nose,
Petals of our words.. unspoken but
Kissing in whispers.
Oh kiss me, as I wear your clothes,
The clothes of your eyes as they melt in my throat.. drowning into my neck.. caressing my breasts.
Sparkles of thunder are penetrative, a lubrication of suspense . . Journeying the sun, pouring the rain.. these oils rub into our skin and we kiss the scene all over again.
So go ahead, kiss the parts that you create, the parts that even imagination cannot find.
Kiss me, O muse of my sacred.. muse of my shrine.
Kiss me, intimate wine.

Understanding Me

Understanding me, quietness in all parts of the heart. It’s strange to say, that realities are forced in pretence but I don’t want pretence with you. The idea of knowing it, it affects my response to what I genuinely feel for you. So much stories have been created fiction and non fiction and we analyse the sight we have, we remember what touches our sacred. I was never the one, I just questioned what it would be like to be it..know it or come close to it. Its you who makes me think about my own inner emotions, I’m soaring in myself.
Its not looking out at the world that captures me, its looking deep within my own heart. I’m moved by my own fragile electric impulses of interest, I have longed to be stood in a calm of my own state. No one interfering, just me.. and therefore feeling satisfied with just that. I ran knowing I was running, to chase was only wanting to believe I could catch it myself.. maybe then I can alter what it is and likewise it with me. Nothing hurts, because somehow everything hurt.. and pain was the stillness of what I planted in my imagination. Why should I talk or say anything, its not like we relate, wait I said it wrong..  I understand, but I’m just too much words from within. The wind captures it, its always on the go and my smile and emotions somehow dissolves. Whether it’s wanting to be left alone or walking away .. I wouldn’t beg you to stay, I trust the reasons of our ownselves are justifiable by what we surrender to in ourselves. Consciously you will and subconsciously you stray.. you cannot be something another chooses and neither can you be what you want anyway. Don’t ask me why, why won’t get us there.. don’t ask me when.. it only is that the progress relates to developing the nothingness as your friend. If every word I said could be understood then everything would begin again, every day. . . Darkness and light will war and armageddon would be revised in the time that time has constructed of itself. Yet still, seconds..minutes..hours..days..weeks..months..years.. go by developing the beginning as potential parts and I admire and watch. I want you to be strong so I stay away, I want you to feel me so I let you know I’m here. I want you to believe me so I become your words, your thoughts and contemplation. If something true is because of us then let it be everything and nothing. Its not hiding, its knowing your all already because your all is me. You will fight against your all because you are determined to pick and choose, you are eager to experience it. . And so when it knows you, it disappears. Only you must sense it and not forfeit what you have and who you are. You wish you didn’t have to explain it, but you do because our field of words are not in the atmosphere. . The atmosphere glides with the sensation that come from our sacred field. A touch in a touch, a stare in a stare.. a part in our many parts but you try and act as if you don’t care. You do care, you care more than you ever will know and it won’t change. Special is an understatement, remarkable makes it seem as an interest but no words.. this is without expression but life itself.. only inner sight is that which life creates. Our warmth is misunderstood but we understand, holding on to each other is like a need, a letting go that murders us time and time again we can’t bear it. We know it, our atmosphere explains it and it drives us into an intoxication that we cannot bear.. we run and stay in the same place and then we try to avoid it as it pulls us apart but closer together. Birds.. the beauty of wings.
Its as a sting, a sour taste.. the uncertainties we try to face buried in our intimate frustrations. . . We walk away, create space but the distance between us removes our inner peace, our hugs from within.. sharing it all was this why we parted . . Was this why we always questioned to find our own part.  Understanding it takes what no one can do but you and I.. you realized when you saw me..I was drifting with me before you and you couldn’t fathom it.
They always will be our words within.

League of his own

He’s in a league of his own.
His mountains real high, I guess
I ran into his flow. . The consistency swallowed my tide.
I’m taken aback, it was what I always heard but this chocked me in my throat and reversed me in his notes.
He’s in a league of his own, he stepped off
The wheel of their game, he’s chanting now because he’s playing in his own in sane. He’s in a league of his own, he’s demanded us all to stare but yet again whoevers brave will listen to him real clear.
He’s in a league of his own, he’s private, driving calmly.. intimately elevating and yet still sincere.

Mango Rose Tree

Your all I have and in my last breath
I would say. . I will see you again, thank-you..
In my last breath..  I’ll smile knowing that you travelled for me, the heavens cradled my plea’s
Together the colors never erased, your eyes were the crayon in my pages within your sacred.
Your all I’ve ever had, just you…
And it doesn’t matter.. it has always been you..forever you and though it shatters
You find a way to meet me dance under our mango tree, where you dress me with roses.

In my everything.