The One

This infinite emotion,

Divinity glides through her – the wave

in the ocean.

Tears rolling down her eyes,

though it should be the time to rejoice.

True love is lived and experienced.

Who is she?

She feels everything.

She experiences everything.

Love is the depth of her unlimited waters. . .

the mere look within her eyes.. In there is the world’s potion. What is her Love?

She has entrusted no man the keys to her home. . . But there have been requests for body-guards to the gates of her house.

She skips, she sings and in all she is free

but to give herself away is not her hearts glee.

Why Oh Why they ask? She seems to not know.. her heart is seeking to be pure, to be flowing. . .not to stop and change wherever it is going. . Shes growing, Shes knowing.

She utters less words, her eyes dart around – she views the atomsphere.. her breath so profound.

Whom will unlock the padlock?

Her voice, her melody. . . the inner power of what holds this true energy.

They want to hold her, kiss her and feel what she feels but her essence is built more in the passion and desire to be real and to heal.

Don’t tie me down..she cries.

Don’t want me..she urges.

I am a wind never discovering where its pulling from but where ever it goes you hear it, feel it, admire it and your marked by it.

Her silence speaks, although her words are thorough and deep that it echoes wisdom..she becomes muddled at the thought of her own speech so she pants .. her pant gasping for loves air to save her.

She appears alone but she is one, she is not alone but she is connected and always has been. A wanderer much? They all nod, a wanderer with knowledge of life.

No one can hold her as the Divine Father has since she was cradled in the essence as a baby.

She fights to stand for her, for the weak.. the poor and broken-hearted.

O’ this all enlightens her soul, empowers her mind. . .seduces her heart. . Resurrects her spirit. One of a kind?

Sweetness her charm, strength her eyes roar,

Her laugh her undercover confidence, her silence ..her pondering, her shyness in which she is seen a muse.

Royalty is her signature.

Loyalty her heart.

Truth her voice.

Love her being.

Love – To see, To touch, to feel, to understand, to learn, to grow, to share to evaluate. . to add and to take away. It is the living, it is never dead. Rejoices in all, with all. It is. We are.

What is her love. . .

The overflowing waters, forever creating ripples and waves. Her love was the spirit that hovered over the waters. In the beginning.

The One.


Shy Woman

The silent inner smile revealed in her eyes,

The flattering of the eyelashes

The innocent stare.

Her hair pulled back, her face in full display..

Shy Woman. . .

What is your name?

Her plumped cheeks,

Her tiny giggles. .

Her sweet walk

Her feminine twinkle,

Shy Woman. . .

What is your name?

She makes it known she is present,

ack-knowledging her surroundings.

She is as an angel – a bright halo on her head.

Her aura radiating love in calmness. . . this beauty is rare.

Shy Woman. . .

What is your name?

I am the echoe of the wind, the rain-drops soaring through the air. The snow flake dancing in the atomsphere.

I am the melody to your song.

The peace to your mayhem..

The smile in your impatience.

My name? I am your well-mannered hello, please. . thankyou and goodbye. I come quietly and I leave quietly. Would you ever notice me?

Shy Woman are seen

They are evident through their calm

They are known in their approach.

They are noticed in their appearance and shine forth a truth that cannot be hidden..

A gentle and meek spirit she has.

Oh’ What beauty.

Shy Woman – What is your name ?

Loyalty of the Soul

What do you know about holding on.

What do you know about letting go.

What do you know about being strong..

When your heart aches and your soul moans.

I waited and I waited with high hopes that you would come around, that I’ll hear the sound of your tiptoe tapping on the ground.

What did you feel inside.. the truth or a lie?

What did you feel inside.. my being intertwined in your love, in sight.

What did you feel inside.. my echoe and your rhyme?

What did you feel inside.. the melody of my voice this strange light.

I waited and I waited with high hopes that you would come around, that I’ll hear the sound of your tiptoe tapping on the ground.

Are you coming?

Do you remember me?

Has our souls danced before?

Did heaven give you a glimpse of our life. . . are you in awe?

I am challenged by the ticking of the clock, moved by the whistles of the wind.. mesmerized by the colours of the rainbow through all the emotions running through me.

I am waiting, and I know you have waited for me. Days upon Days, hours upon hours ..minutes within minutes added up by the seconds.

You let me walk away only to be left as a memory, you let me walk on by just to feel the tense emotion within I. You stared from afar because even at a distance you was already as close as you ever knew you would be. You were with me, within me. You knew where I was for that is where you Go, the secret solitude of our personal homes.. our communication beyond what we know.

Are you coming?

Do you remember me?

Has our souls danced before?

Did heaven give you a glimpse of our life. . . are you in awe?

You were struck by the glistening moon and enlightened by the ray of sun..You were shaken to your core, arose to believe in loves roar. Yes You. . . You my friend.. my lover. .You knew loyalty of Love, Loyalty of the soul to know when Love would recognize its own home.

Loyalty of the Soul.

He Finally Came Home.

It was a cold winter evening, as she walked along the pathway. . cars zooming by on the road, and the dark sky reflecting the moon and the stars from the heavens. She had a long day, tired from work. . and the world. All she dreamed of was a moment when someone would sweep her off her feet into a faraway land to drown in the melody of love to dance in the rhythm of a souls ecstasy driven by the longing of its dearest. Her day to day life was all she knew, her thoughts, her dreams, her poems, her songs, her universe, her space, her captured scenery in her heart. . . She is a muse. She continued walking along the path heading to go to the shop, her mind wavering on what she ought to buy but knowing she had no time to be indecisive, it was way too cold for this. Her scarf wrapped around her neck and her long coat hugging her small frame. As she slowly turned the road a car sneaked up behind her, startling her sacred soul and calming heart. The windows rolled down and her eyes squinted, she gulped not prepared for what she might see.

“Vanessa” .. he called.

She recognized his voice, her soul froze.. her mind floated and her heart begun to beat. He felt her and she felt him. She turned her gaze to him and they both quickly stared deeply into one another and looked away. The power was strong, she didn’t know what to do.. to respond or to keep on walking.

“I know” he said calmingly, looking out the window “I know everything about us, everything about you. . .Who you are and why we had to meet that day. . I know you want to walk away right now and you can but I need to speak to you as a man, I need you to hear me say what I need to say – come inside”

Vanessa hesitated, for once she wasn’t able to run or make an excuse or deny anything – she had to face the one and he had to face his own reflection. She walked around the car and opened it, sitting on the passenger seat. The car was warm and comfortable, her eyes turned to look at him he looked at her and for that moment everything stopped. The energies stood face to face – in awe of eachother. . enlightened by one another. . feeling it’s own reflection – seeing it’s home – finding it’s mirror. He smiled and stroked her cheek with his hands, his eyes looking like they were about to water, she felt his heart tugging as he held her cheek.. She didn’t know what to do – she looked at him in innocence and purity.

“I love you and I want to apologize. I’m sorry I didn’t chase after you, I’m sorry I never wrote to you. I’m sorry I left you heartbroken” He turned his gaze away tears trickling down his face.

“You should hate me but I know you still love me, I never forgot you but life wouldnt let me get to you. . I wouldn’t let me get to you, my choices, my surroundings. Everything. When I saw you that day, you took me somewhere else and you didn’t even realize the beauty I saw before me. . when I woke up from it, it scared me. How was I still present with you when you removed time and brought me into space – the piercing love and truth in your eyes, spoke of a loyalty that lived in me. You changed me and pushed me to look into me, to be a better man – your calming and joyful free spirit full of love and care it stamped an eternal note in me. I recognized the stamp but somehow ran away. Vanessa I know what I done to you, I tore you and I didn’t realize before it was too late. You wanted nothing else but to love me, to be my friend and be by my side. I was too scared, I didn’t understand. . . But now I do. I love you beyond space or time, I love you beyond the touch, I love you as I love myself. You are me and I am you. We are seperate yet one, and I didn’t see because my mirror was clouded with the world. I looked for you but couldn’t find you, I asked about you but heard nothing. Your essence brought me to my knees to beg God for a chance to see you again and now I’m here with you. I’m here, it is you I choose. It is you Vanessa, it had always been you”

Her eyes watered, her heart soothed by the truth of his knowing. He stared at her from the heart and patiently waited for her response.

She looked out the window,

“Old friend, now you come. . .when the night is dark and the soul is tired – when the air is cold and there is no warmth. You come to confess everything although you left me in a mess. I cleaned me up, I staggered gasping for air in this undying love that ached for you. Lovers came by but they had nothing on you – nothing on what you shared with me that day. Yes, I love you and always will. . And I’m glad you finally saw that wherever your heart is there your treasure will be also”

She turned to him, he leaned in to kiss her lips. As there lips touched the atomsphere swam around them, their spirits kindled and shook the universe. His heart connecting to the electricity of hers and the soul circulating into eachother created a magnetic force that vibrated to the street corners and the pathways – people were moved by this energy. Walkers by attracted to the light coming forth from the car. The both of them embracing eachother in that space, where they were beyond time.

He came home, he finally came home.


I did let you go..

I did.

I was truly, madly, deeply in love with you, enslaved in my soul to your energy.

You left, I left.. Life continued.

I didn’t think I would feel towards anyone again. . But someone else came.. and opened my closed heart and reminded me that I shouldn’t shut out the world because of my hurt.

You was everything I wanted and I felt you but not everything goes the way we desire it to be. I moved on, you lurked around.. I went forward and you were gone.

Why now? Why must your memory reappear. .

I didn’t put you to sleep, I let you go.

Why must you exist again in my world. . .

I don’t hate you but It’s best that we never speak again.. I understand me better, and I see clearer. . .

All I want is my peace, don’t come to disturb what I have had to put back together. Don’t come and terrorize my soul, don’t.

I am in no position to be broken again, in no position to be a fool for love..


There but not there

seen but unseen

present but disappearing. . .

It’s obvious you grasped the feel, the motion, the real. An experiment quite frankly gone wrong to some but relived for others.

I am incredibly grateful for the seasons of miricaulous signs and wonders of life and the changes it brings within its scenery. Never knew I would say this but HEY. . . this part of life is quite strange, they seem to know but yet they are afraid.. whereas before they had no idea and so played around with nothing to lose.

It’s been a high and a low, ascending..descending.. climbing and falling .. for many decades now.

To view the horizon was like to swim a whole ocean in the space of no time. I am nonetheless fortunate to be a part of something that overall is a telling of a story inscribed and lived through mankind. I am more pleased that mere men have sought to be heard of for not just there own selfish greed but for something more in life. Many come and gone. . . leaving but a trace of memory of the unknown knowing. It’s a greater gift for one who despises all a world could offer and seeks past every prescription that ‘word’ may say but stills itself within it, oh the power of one who patiently views the words and is it’s fullstop and comma, capital letter and spelling mistake. It’s adjective and it’s metaphor, it’s past ..present and future.. that person is what the what was, just what it was when the word had begun typing what it was typing just right now… and gladly enough you followed along. You may seem confused now.. but some day you will all look back and understand it was before You, it was above You, it was within you and it’s hiding was not obvious because it was too blatant. They can travel distance and time, space is limitless and energy? Energy is somewhat a source of significance it is strength. . Its meaning is Strength.

Well it was always spirit that fed it’s emotion within them – over and over again.

It looked deep into the core and inner their sacred parts that they somehow demolished.

Yes . . . yes. . . and yes.

The keys were given, and now the ones who gained back there space are unlimited in every form of creation that seems impossible to man. Yes. . . beyond distance.. beyond time.

It was already foretold.. it was already foretold, I was already foretold.

There but not there

seen but unseen

present but disappearing. . .


All in All

I guess we are all in this together.

Seeing them is seeing me. Seeing you is seeing me. We may all be different but we are mere reflections of a greater force beyond our understanding but not far from our reach.


Eye to Eye.

One mind.

We wage war against us, the inner world speaking rapidly as the outter world feeds another set of dimensions to us. Dimensions that manipulate and destroy.

All in All..

We Are, We Remain.

All in All..

We Are.

He knows, She knows

I gaze into space

introspection of the magnificent unknown.

Silence. Love has already

intertwined with my soul I cannot deny it, I

have found my own home.

I question if I’m missing him, but no it isn’t

that. Do I want him? No it isn’t that either.

Do I still love him? deep down I will always

think I loved him but I no longer want him.

Then what is it. . .

Words unexpressed, passions begging to

manifest, ashes calling to reverse the burn,

dust coming together to create a rock.

The whistle of the heart, yes . . . I pull my

hair at the thought of him, my veins popping

From my neck, my spirit at unease as I feel his

calming hands smother my heart. I’m naked

and he can see me. Transparent.

I know he’s watching but i’m watching him too..

my soul is elsewhere no longer into him.

He wants my energy but he can’t have it.

I want my dreams, God please grant them.

He wants my Love,

I want to get what’s mine. . . I want to release

This fire.. He wants to burn in my volcanoe..

I’ll rather erupt on my own.

He wants now, he wants. . .

but she doesn’t care.

He’s awakened now, he’s awakened. . .

but she don’t want him near.

I won’t run but look him in the eye and tell him

I once loved you and it’s no lie.

I won’t run because I know my Truth, I made

a conscious decision to completely burn him..

No I don’t lose. I won, I won..

Although I am alone. . . However . . .

I am an Empress & Love is my throne.

He came to steal my energy but God is the

owner of my home.

You can’t take what’s not yours.

Go.. Go..

He knows and She knows

The End.


I fell to stand in Love

I fell in love once again.. and yes it burned me

to the edge. . .

It drowned me until I was in drought

The man I dreamed of, only walked and left me to mourn ..this hearts cause..for true I was a fool but I will never be a tool.

I fell in love once again and begged him to understand.

I cared enough I would give it all.. but when the silence echoed through my hurt it triggered my muse, and killed ..killed me once again.. he ignored me I will never trust no man.. I said I will never trust no man.

I fell in love once again. . . I chased him to let him know I cared. I never ever forgot that day but too bad I’m numbed but there’s no hate.. no hate left inside been let down so many times.. that I don’t need love to come again.

I know my own love will be my friend.

Yes.. I fell in love. . .Guess i had always been in love. But I found my balance. For me.. for us..

Whoever you are.

But I have me.

My Love matters more than what you could ever give me. Whoever you are.

I stood up in Love for once my friend, I won’t fall again.

Yours Faithfully.

Dear Divine Masculine,

Open my heart . .

Look within – don’t worry it’s not a crime

neither a sin.

It’s beating – No longer for you but for us.

This crystal this diamond, this pure essence and sweetness that calls. . . Do you remember me? Do you remember she?

She has dug in her womb, finding eggs in her nest prepared to manifest and hatch into a free thinking abundant life.

I tip-toed waiting for You, eyes twitching – soul yawning – fingers typing away to the nervousness I felt in my Spirit. . .

Destination has arrived for me to go forward in this new dimension, I may find another who is willing to dig up this estoric wisdom and ignite it’s power within our DNA’s and I possibly may receive a visit from you in this life or maybe the next. . . Heal, Love & Forgive.

God is with you, you knew he came when you saw me.

Heal, Love & Forgive.

Abundance for us both . . .

We are balanced.

Light for you – thankyou for setting me free.


yours faithfully

Divine Feminine.